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  1. Thanks for getting it back up. I was worried . Only problem is, you lost basically all mods submitted in the month of November. You have the new stuff from today and the old stuff up to 1 Nov, but nothing in between [ November 13, 2002, 07:50 PM: Message edited by: Bullethead ]
  2. Many units, especially things that don't get used that much relatively speaking, don't have their own 3D model but use one from another unit, even a different nationality.
  3. HeadHunter said: :eek: Only 35?!?!?!? You're a punk I myself rode with the Bold Buccleuch and there are guys in here who marched with Sargon
  4. The AI does area fire, you just ofen don't notice it. As to blowing away buildings to clear the LOS, this isn't really a valid tactic in CMBB from what I've seen. First, you get a huge cloud of billowing dust that hangs there for a couple turns and pretty much blocks the LOS for an area all around the building. Then you've got the rubble sticking up and that can also block the LOS at times. So say you've got a squad behind the building. The tank blows the building away and the resulting dust still hides the squad. The squad takes advantage to move into the rubble and hide. By the ti
  5. It's not a time-out problem. I have several times gotten demos of 200+ megs and I get 20+ meg patches and such all the time (if I leave it running all night). The only place I have a problem is the CM Mod Database, and the only files there I have trouble with are those of about 4megs or larger.
  6. I'm guessing there are some folks out there curious as to what a 1943 Russian tank brigade had in it. I've got a great book on this subject, "Red Army Handbook" by Steven J. Zaloga and Lelend S. Ness, but some folks have been having trouble finding it. So, I decided it would be cool to make CMBB "scenarios" showing with all the units in a tank brigade, independent AT regiment, or whatever, and post them up somewhere. Then folks w/out a good source could see what the TO&E tables translate into in game terms. Before I get into this, however, I'd like to know if there's a demand .
  7. Thanks for the sentiments. It really does mean a lot.
  8. Well, I've tried about 5 times each and still can't successfully download AndrewTF's SS winter uniform set, nor RKSoldat's yellow camo Opel. Either the operations aborts at about 80% or it goes to completion but there's nothing in the multi-meg archive to unzip. I've only had this trouble so far with these 2 files. I'm not alone in this but there are many others who get these files no problem. So what's the deal? The only theory I've come up with is that the size of these files (3.9 to 4.4 megs) is too big when I try to get them from this site with a 28.8k connection. I have no troub
  9. Strategy is the big picture stuff, dealing with ultimate victory in the whole war or at least an important theater of it, and planning the general course to get there. This is a matter for heads of state and their advisors, and theater commanders and their advisors. Tactics is the manuevering and shooting of small units and individuals, where the aim is victory in a particular firefight. It's the business of privates, NCOs, and officers up to about the rank of colonel. Somewhere in between is the operational level. It's the business of managing divisions, corps, and even armies along
  10. Some really sick bastard could make a bunch of mods to replicate the look of a miniatures game. Here are some suggestions: 1. Make the LOS and and LOF lines much wider, color them yellow, and mark them in black with inches. 2. Mod all troops so they're only 1 color base uniform color from head to toe, but have this only in the low spots and make the high spots shine like bare metal. Mod all vehicles on similar lines to troops, but maybe add a few globby camo dots here and there. 4. Mod all vegitation to look like hunks of green-painted moss, pipecleaners painted brown, etc. 5.
  11. Wretch said: Oh come now, don't call CM an RTS. It's not realtime, at least not completely, and it has absolutely no strategic aspects at all. It's completely tactical in scope With that out of the way, welcome aboard!
  12. I wrote the below in an email to a modder who asked for some feedback on dirt application. These are just my own observations from having to clean a lot of dirty vehicles, military and fire, so your mileage may vary. But I figure it wouldn't hurt to toss this out for discussion so as to arrive at some concensus of how and where dust and mud accumulate on vehicles. Such a concensus would go hand-in-hand with the "Pig Pen" standardized palette. Then we'd have standard dirt colors applied in a realistic manner. The only remaining question then would be how much to apply to a given unit,
  13. gautrek said: This is why it's somewhat difficult for us no-talent modsluts to give feedback beyond "hey that's cool!". We don't want to discourage the modders or seem ungrateful for what we realize is a lot of hard work done completely voluntarily, using programs that we're too cheap to buy . That's my impression also. It's like vehicles on the Eastern Front got dirtier than on the Western. Maybe because there wasn't near as dense a road net? I don't know, but they do look much dirtier on average in the photos. Yeah, that's a great idea. I even like the colors chosen. My
  14. Eden Smallwood said: I've never thought in terms of how the various mods play together. I get nearly every mod that comes along because I'm a modslut, and when I have a choice I use the ones I like the best for their own sakes. So like for the Germans, I end up with some vehicles in ambush, some in mono, some in tricolor. I don't care as long as each individual mod looks "cool" as I define it. Besides, I think a mixture is realistic. It was so in my own unit in the Gulf War, with some vehicles being solid tan and others with the Euro brown spots still showing. Also, look at pics of a
  15. Abbott said: Hehehe, that was bound to happen someday We never get a wrecked car for extrication practice. First, the really wrecked cars already have been cut up at the wreck scene, while the ones with minor damage get fixed. Second, the practice car needs to be in pretty good shape so it can be towed to the firestation and back without leaving fluids and wreckage all over the road. And most intact junked cars are filled with the usual amount and types of personal effects--maybe they got repossessed? So the bottom line is, most cars we cut up in practice look quite drivab
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