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  1. Come visit the Twin Cities. We'll drink some wine, eat some cheese, kick some Seanachai
  2. Salem, why couldn't you just let it die? Those that matter didn't care, and those that are you don't matter
  3. PanzerMike, Gotta say that you, and your compadre S'Burke, 'mind me of the ol' Cheesy Wafflers... bunch of Howler Monkies flinging feces about. Do try to develope a little panache.
  4. S'Burke, do I look like I'd give a tree full of Hamsters about Ol' Foul Joe, or what he's done or not done? The true joy of despotism, when you're one of the despots, is your word is law
  5. Making kohlenklau a Seniour Knight, is oddly a good idea, but given the nature of his contribution, I think he should be give a post. Inquisitor General, answerable to the Justicar, is my decree. Oh, and Boo, since Joe's passed the mantle to you, you are a Seniour Knight
  6. What in the Hell was that?! Seenagay? Hi there? This is what The Mutha Beautiful Thread has become?
  7. Alas, that means you aren't doing anything with it. I no longer have it No accounting for taste
  8. So, what exactly are you doing with Military Canal? I'm curious
  9. Yes, I stopped the auto renew. Forgot it was this time of year or I would have posted something.
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