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  1. Will there be a demo released before the game like CMI or is CMII demo-challenged? Does anyone know if there is an email notification function that we can sign up for that will let us know when the demo and/or game is released? Thanks
  2. Right! Thanks for the info from all who contributed.
  3. So, what will be my motivation to ever play CM1 after playing CM2? American troops and equipment won't be in CM2, will they? If CM2 is to be so much more improved, engine-wise, extra doodads added, etc, then it won't be that enjoyable to fire up the old CM1 anymore...however, if American troops and equipment are included in CM2, I have no problems. [ April 10, 2002, 03:08 PM: Message edited by: buddy ]
  4. CM2 will soon be released with upgraded graphics, engines, etc...I was wondering if, at some point in the future, BTS might consider applying the "new stuff" to CM1? Posted a lot in the making of CM1 but I've only visited sporadically in the last few months. Thanks
  5. It just seems odd to me I guess, there are many 'vacant' spots in the terrain window of the map editor...seems like there could be some way to add new ones. Just a thought.
  6. Thought I'd repost using a better subject... Map tiles. Are we stuck with what came with the game or can we create/import new ones? New tiles like bomb craters, foxholes, etc would enhance the look and realism of maps, I think. Anyone know if this can be done?
  7. Either that or add new tiles. I am sure this has been covered somewhere (although I was very active on this forum at the beginning of the game I haven't visited in a while....) I think the chances of an add-on or improvements to the map editor are slim, but it would be helpful to be able to add new tiles like bomb craters, existing foxholes, etc for variety and reality.
  8. Anyone ever figure out how to make new textures for map making? Can it even be done?
  9. Hey thanks, BigDog - doing this enables us to use the map as a pbem file, right?
  10. Howdy, been gone long time from this discussion board... My question is this - when setting up a quick battle for pbem play, you can't really modify the map in any way. Is there any way to make a map and then use it for pbem play? (I wanted to play a game of take and hold the bridge which would be placed in the center of the map. Players start on opposite sides - liberal amounts of barbed wire and landmines in between). Thanks
  11. thanks for the reply - needed to know of "issues" with the mac version. oh yeah, wouldn't of posted this but didn't have your email. thanks
  12. Very off-topic, but did you say in an earlier post that you owned Rogue Spear - and that you play on a Mac? If this is true I'd like to ask you a few questions. Thanks
  13. Mr. Clark, I must disagree (which is strange since I usually agree with you). If you read the article at the fox news site (link in first post, I believe) you will see that there is more to be concerned about than first meets the eye. Some strategies employed by our troops are kept quiet so they can be used effectively - I'm assuming that vets appearing on the show will really want to win part of the $500,000 cash prize (or whatever it is) and so they will be using all that they know to go for the gold. In addition, I agree very strongly with The Captain and his opinion that this is a lo
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