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Pretty much what it says. When you add this to your game you'll get static laden radio chatter coming from all your vehicles (while sitting and moving).


SEE the readme for all the info.


There's regular and Mac versions. Links are after the pic. And if by chance there's a lot of down loads and my bandwidth runs out on Mediafire do what you guys can to help get the files to people that missed out.






PC Version



Mac Version




NOTE: For guys that might read this in the future the Black Sea Repository section should be up so, just check for it there.









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That's crazy, they aren't even that big—too big to email, but the Mac version is only 68 Megs. The other is half that. Let me try a couple links to dropbox.













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You are all welcome. Hope you all get a kick out of it. I'll probably update it when the Repos goes up. I am still not happy with the Bradley file. Wasn't there a Bradley sound mod for CMSF? If anyone knows where it is could you give me the link, I may try altering that one. The original sounds too squeaky and doesn't blend very well with the chatter.


Mac users, please chime in and let me know the mod is working ok for you. I am pretty sure I got the properties for the files right but wanna make sure.


Also note in the readme there are files (as of right now) that you don't ever have to take out of your z folder. Files that aren't shared. That will probably get a bit more complicated once they release some addons. But as it stands, the moving files for the US; Brad, Abrams, Stryker, and Humvee won't be shared with any of the Russian/Ukraine stuff.




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