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A green oplot with a lot of dusty weathering will be done sooner or later.


The common 3 tones scheme is indeed nice, but after making it for the bulat mod I really wouldn't like to repeat the experience, it's very hard to make the spots match each other in the transitions between skirts, hull and turret; not to mention the difficulty to find a good match for the sand color.

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Abrams, I need to ask for your advice, I am looking for a better fitting color for the M1 Abrams...

first, a couple of internet pictures as reference:




these are three pictures,


The first is vanilla M1:


The second is desaturated + a bit darker M1:


The third is desaturated + darkest M1:


Which one is, in your opinion, the best fitting base color?

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Kieme CMBS USA Abrams


Let's be honest, whatever modern game you get your hands on, you can't avoid to feel this one as the battlefield's king. That's why I was so undecided upon so many things that, in the end, I had to base most of the weathering on the few recent photos showing M1A2 SEPs in europe during joint trainings. Thanks also to Saferight's force specific screens mod and its good pictures.

The trickiest part is the side ERA/spaced armor. BFC should really differentiate between the turret blocks and the skirt ones, otherwise you ca't get mud on the lower blocks without splashing unrealistically all the blocks in the same way and the upper turret sides.






-darkened and desaturated colors

-enhanced details

-added light rain marks

-added 2 layers of dust and dirt

-added 2 layers of dry and fresh mud

-added subtle scratches

-added local effects

-new normal maps

-includes US vehicle gear and US vehicle MGs textures





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Kieme CMBS USA Abrams - tank names add-on


Ok, this might not be for everyone taste, so it's just an add on. If you want your tanks to display a nickname on the gun barrels (noticed this was the case in CMSF too) you just need to download this and put it in your mods folder.

I also noticed that US M1A2 SEPs in recent europe training had these nicknames stenciled on the gun barrel. I managed to find a nice font, very similar to the original one. The names are in White but not too large or bright.
Anyway, grab it if you like it, otherwise you can keep your M1s with no charisma at all.






-tank nickname added on the gun barrel right side (39 different names)


The names vary from WW2 tributes, to obvious ones, to "cool" or actual ones, got a dirty one there, too.

Hope I didn't make any mistake. 

The large file size is due to the number of textures... these should be enough to ensure a certain variety, although you might still get doubles (or blanks).


Preview (yeah I know, pretty obvious one):


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The mud, dirt, and scratches on the M1 is what brought it all together from your first screens of it. Looks great! I am one who will definitely be adding the tank nickname decals. Very nice "cool" factor add on. Thanks again for all your effort in adding so much more character to the vehicles.

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Had to be sure the thing would be there. ;)


Meanwhile, an interest finding... The old .bmp file for the Bradley's ERAs of CMSF works perfectly in CMBS... even after 7 years... just made a quick change to the color.


Either as a replacement:



Or as an addendum, in which case the game gives us the favour of completely random placing...


There wouldn't be one Bradley as the other...


Could be useful as an option for ported materials from the desert, wouldn't it? If I am not mistaken these cross-overs are not uncommon for the US Army.

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