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Thanks people,


don't worry, it takes less time to do these than you might think, and being a modeler helps a lot, since parts are easier to recognize on the texture files.

With the next one the most common vehicles for UA are done, now I'd like to finish with the less common ones (MTLB, BRDM-2, BRMs etc.), no fancy camouflage for them.


Kieme CMBS BTR-70m-k


Some weathering, a bit deeper scratches to represent an older vehicle, but not too dirty.







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Fantastic work, Kieme! Thank you so much for producing such high-quality work (and so quickly!) to enhance the game. I just happen to be playing a scenario that uses a lot of the work you have just done and it is GREAT to have your mods installed!


BTW, the HD versions of buildings and roads installed fine (beautiful!), but I noticed some issues like missing building walls and weird border colors on roads when trying the standard versions. -Might wanna' take a look.

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