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  1. Hi there, in my last games i had several ctd suddenly after a few turns in the middle of a turn. I dunno why. It has been a while since i last played Final Blitzkrieg. And it was a fresh install with all the patches. With SF2 i had no problems or ctd. Anyone experienced the same? Cheers Hafer
  2. Hi sirs, well i played the CM-series since my college times round about 17 years ago. I started with CMBO and was stunned since the first minutes playing the game. Fu** fun and fu** realistic! It was a unique product and it still is. You cant find anything similar. And no, you can't compare it to the Graviteam stuff (i own almost everything) which is rather arcade (*sorry*) I played almost any pc-wargame on the planet (all the Matrix-stuff, hps, vic-design,...) but with no one i spend nearly as much time as i spend with the mighty Combat Mission series! Thank you battlefront fo
  3. Thanx Mord for opening this thread. Looks beautiful so far. I installed reshade and prefer the following settings: colormatrix filmicpass Gaussianblur DPX Cheers, Hafer
  4. Solution: I tried to type in my old CMSF activation code - now it worked. You have to type in both (new + old) codes.. ,))
  5. Hi, in 2009 i bought CMSF1+Marines bundle. It's not installed anymore Now i bought the upgrade CMSF2. I installed the 2GB download. After clicking the game-icon the activation window appears. I typed in the code i got by e-mail. and it stated "success" - base game activated. I clicked the play-button in the middle of the window. Then the window dissappeared and after a few seconds another window appeared with just a picture fireing tank inside. Then nothing happend...... What i am doing wrong! Thank you guys! 🙂
  6. Stunning!!! Can you give us a small hint for the release day?
  7. Hm you know the meaning of this kind of smilie at the end of my post ";-)"...
  8. Stunning. Looks like a new game to me. Sorry, but CM is nothing without it's modders! ;-))
  9. I'm not gay - but for this work i will marry you!
  10. As i said earlier - incredible work! For me it's a new game with your mods. Concerning the master download: maybe an official from battlefront could help with the issue? hm.. ;-)
  11. Ok, thanks. But what i like a lot are the weathering effects of the vehicles! :-)
  12. Wow! These are the finest modded vehicles ever seen in a CM-game!! :-)
  13. ..words are not enough for this! Thank you very much!
  14. I'm using all of your mods and i ve a lot of fun with them! Thanx!!
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