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  1. Oh well, finally. After lots of tries and reloads. Cant imagine. 2/3 of the time was incredible hard. The last 1/3 was a slaughterhouse - for the russians. The "green" german infantry were most of the time pretty useless. Only when the path was cleared from enemys they could andvance. Only a few shots taken from (one) enemy and they got shaken. The only thing working for me was a "tank scan" even through forests. In line-formation ww1-style scanning the area. the funny thing is: even if i used ship-arty in combination with surpression-fire the enemy AT-guns kept fireing. Incredible. The area around the AT-gun was scattered with crates, but the AT-gun-crew - sometimes only one soldier - kept fireing. That was the hardest time form me. And because of the preparation time for the arty-crews the time was running fast for me.
  2. My findings after hours in this brilliant scenario: 1. The forest is a hard nut. But with tanks and infantry it is possible to take it. 2. The biggest thread are the well placed and hidden 76mm russians Paks. 3. The only way to defeat them (for my) are my stugs fireing out of deep in the forests. 4. Arty takes too long, Inf has not the range
  3. Despite of my troubles i really like those hard missions. Its frustrating for a while but if it happens you really enjoy the victory. Thanks to the designer.
  4. Puhh, i`m getting really mad. Tried fighting the enemy about the whole day. No success. The paks are too precice. My soldiers are too weak ("green" experience). I thing i`ll give up in the next turns. How can i neutralize those paks? My tanks are blind idiots. My infantry cannot reach them. My arty is too slow and not precise. I'm playing CM round about 25 years now and i`m a f*** noob
  5. Ok, now i managed to conquer the forest, but. There are a few nasty russian paks out of range of my squads. The arty support is slow (9min) and my tanks cant spot them. WHAT A bloody hell!!!
  6. I guess not the most realistic aproach but it works quite well.
  7. I tried this, too. It works quite good. But it has a huge risk: Losing a tank. That happend to me. And overall, i'm not feeling good/right using tanks in forests. Your Platoons to the left are "green" - thats one of the problems.
  8. Hi, i got really big problems clearing the forest in the west. It tried many tactics: 1. Used small recon teams, then advanced with 2 Platoons (with/without tank support) 2. Soften the enemy with long barrage 105mm arty 3. Tried entering with big smoke screen (arty) 4. Used different movment tactics hunt, slow,... 5. Concentrated firepower on small spots But everytime there are some badass russians blowing out whole squads. It gets a bit frustrating.. Did someone tried this mission (first of the campaign)? Cheers Hafer
  9. Hi there, in my last games i had several ctd suddenly after a few turns in the middle of a turn. I dunno why. It has been a while since i last played Final Blitzkrieg. And it was a fresh install with all the patches. With SF2 i had no problems or ctd. Anyone experienced the same? Cheers Hafer
  10. Hi sirs, well i played the CM-series since my college times round about 17 years ago. I started with CMBO and was stunned since the first minutes playing the game. Fu** fun and fu** realistic! It was a unique product and it still is. You cant find anything similar. And no, you can't compare it to the Graviteam stuff (i own almost everything) which is rather arcade (*sorry*) I played almost any pc-wargame on the planet (all the Matrix-stuff, hps, vic-design,...) but with no one i spend nearly as much time as i spend with the mighty Combat Mission series! Thank you battlefront for giving us such a fine wargame-series! (thank you all of you modders for supporting the series) Cheers, Hafer
  11. Thanx Mord for opening this thread. Looks beautiful so far. I installed reshade and prefer the following settings: colormatrix filmicpass Gaussianblur DPX Cheers, Hafer
  12. Solution: I tried to type in my old CMSF activation code - now it worked. You have to type in both (new + old) codes.. ,))
  13. Hi, in 2009 i bought CMSF1+Marines bundle. It's not installed anymore Now i bought the upgrade CMSF2. I installed the 2GB download. After clicking the game-icon the activation window appears. I typed in the code i got by e-mail. and it stated "success" - base game activated. I clicked the play-button in the middle of the window. Then the window dissappeared and after a few seconds another window appeared with just a picture fireing tank inside. Then nothing happend...... What i am doing wrong! Thank you guys!
  14. A few guys of my squad entered a building as part of an assault operations. Suddenly two guys of the squad (the ouside ones) get shot. Now all men of the squad got stunned. And finally the guys inside the building started running into the open and get shot, too. I know this behaviour in the cm series. But sometimes im shaking my head...wtf! Cheers, Hafer
  15. Stunning!!! Can you give us a small hint for the release day?
  16. Hm you know the meaning of this kind of smilie at the end of my post ";-)"...
  17. Stunning. Looks like a new game to me. Sorry, but CM is nothing without it's modders! ;-))
  18. ...is it possible to mod? I know that from other games and i would help so much! Cheers Hafer
  19. Another great advice! Thanx. Did you use area fire every 10 meters?
  20. Thanx for the quick reply. Didn't try to spit squads. Nice advice! :-) For the terrain analysis i can recommend the gridded-snow-mod.
  21. A german inf-company has to pass an open field.... on the other side some GI's are waiting... Didn't manage to get across the open. It reminds me on shooting rabbits ;-) Seriously, i know all the stuff with fire base and so on. Which orders do you give your Landsers to survive?
  22. Release-day. Sitting in front of my monitor. Waiting....
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