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Kieme CMBS USA Stryker   Covers all stryker versions.   The usual weathering plus reworked wheel (HD) using real photographs for the rubber parts.   Download: https://app.box.com/s/o8li17ip0h7k

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Thanks for these efforts guys.

Quick question, is the damaged walls on modular buildings mod-able? The independent buildings have much better damaged and rubbed looks but the modular walls still look pretty much the same since CMSF. And the effect is one of the worst looking in the game, especially on urban maps when lots of walls get blown open. They all look the same and it's very weird and boxy looking.

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More mud shall be then, on the lower parts.

it is very hard to pin point weathering positions and go in detail because most of the textures are stretched.



Imperial, unfortunately modular buildings have no special destroyed or "half" destroyed walls, it's either complete or with that hole that is the same, as you noticed, for every facade.

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Imperial, unfortunately modular buildings have no special destroyed or "half" destroyed walls, it's either complete or with that hole that is the same, as you noticed, for every facade.

Understood. I guess my followup question is whether or not the 'edges' could be modded or not. The shape is not terrible per se, it's the lack of damage look.

In this pic, the walls are destroyed, but also looks rubbled.


It would really be cool to see urban damage like that.

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Modding vehicles takes a lot of time, because each must be tailored with care.


BTR, if you release a mod of yours I might try to add weathering, unless you do some already. Because I personally like the effect on CM vehicles.



First attempt on a T-64BV, very few layers, just some rain stains and light dusts. 


What's your opinion? Should the vehicles display more weathering? less weathering? What kind of?





Vanilla for comparison:


That looks just about right to me. Maybe a little more mud on the running gear.

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Another try, this time I also added one layer of light brownish mud on the lower parts, 1 layer of frsh mud sprinkles and 1 layer of small rusty scratches all over the vehicle.


I also started experimenting with the normal maps on vehicles, and forcing them to be a bit extreme you can effectively perceive the difference in game... standard normal maps are quite "conservative" so to say, if you make them deeper and enhance the effect you can get quite strong results...




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The weathered vehicles really do give a better sense of how vehicles actually look in the field. The best part is you don't have to clean them with the rest of the gear when back at base :)


All gives more atmosphere to the game. Everything looks great Kieme! Thinking you should change your display name to "Modding Madman Machine" ;)

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Kieme CMBS reworked russian uniforms





A quick and simple mod dedicated to russian uniforms.

I kept the base files but changed the saturation of the colors and corrected a bug about missing texture near the top shoulders.









I get some password check when I try to open the downloaded file. No such problems with any of you previous mods.

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On my end looks ok, 25 downloads already.. try again and let me know.


Ah the winrar file is locked??

Works for me.


Anyone else got the problem? Or managed to open the winrar file successfully?

Good, this time it worked. Some temporary snafu. That digital camo Oplot has got a distinct Space Invaders look to it ;-)

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