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Join the Pixeltruppen (place yourself in their boots)

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Let's start a thread where you show your face in the game, add your face to any side you wish and post your screen in this thread. Here I am as a Soviet gunner assaulting a German position. Will I make it?? Stay tuned..


I spent just few minutes modding a photo of mine into one of the faces that JorgeMC did in his great Soviet Faces mod (http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5152/details).

It's not perfect but it works for this purpose. Now I'm even more careful with my pixeltruppen :). Do you dare to join your pixeltruppen?

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When I play, I "assign" myself as a specific platoon leader. Makes me work really hard to keep that guy alive.

This is a cool idea.

Once you have uploaded the file, how do you find yourself?

Depending on the amount of faces in the mod and size of the battle you'll in most cases show up in several different units. What I do is I click randomly on a unit and drop down to level 1, then I roam the battlefield until I see myself. I then assign a group to that unit and follow it more closely during the battle.

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Here is an update.

I survived the first assault dash! :) A german mortar was zeroing in killing few of my comrades behind.

Here I am taking cover with comrade Tom Selleck and aiming for fascists.


Here is a quick step by step procedure on how to mod your face into the game.

1. Download the RedFaces mod made by GeorgeMC

2. Extract the files to your harddrive

3. Preview the faces until you find one that best matches your skin color

4. Take a frontal photo of yourself

5. Open it in a photo editing program that supports layers

6. Cut the area from brows all the way down to the chin

7. Paste this area onto one of the selected faces, make sure it is pasted as a layer

8. Drop down the opacity of the pasted layer so you can see the face behind

9. Adjust your face so it matches with the eyes and mouth on the original face

10. Set opacity to 100 again, now adjust layer properties like hue/saturation/contrast until your face matches with the original chin, forehead and neck. Make it as good as possible.

11. Use smudge and clone tool to adjust the area where your face meets the original head.

12. Save it as either soviet or german solider and place it in your z folder.

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I think we whould have a community faces mod!

Everyone who wants to be in it can contribute a decent photo of their face and then someone who is good at that kind of stuff *cough*JorgeMC*cough* could put it together as a mod :D

Yeah that would be cool, anyone interested could submit a photo and pick a side.

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