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  1. Sure. DCS models a variety of factors not seen in IL2. Take a look at the modeling of wake turbulence for example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82Q3kd4v3bw&t=62s. This impacts formation flight too, as well as the stuff near the ground depicted. Their actual flight modeling is more rigorous, and - according to a few I know who have flown real warbirds, DCS and IL2 - closer to reality. Another point of significance to us gamers - the ground handling for taxi in DCS is also closer. IL2 taxiing is actually harder than IRL. Also, DCS has recently (last 8 weeks?) begun releasing aircraft with their updated full damage model. Started with the FW-190A8 and I believe they have done their entire WWII warbirds lineup now (double check me). Level of systems detail is even higher than IL2, with full effects of virtually everything. You can, for example, lose your O2 bottles and wind up passing out at altitude, among other potential mishaps. IL2, not to be outdone, also released a full damage model upgrade recently as well (again, last 6 weeks or so?) that focused revising on the modeling of damage from HE versus solid shot (.50 cal) and the delta between skin damage and structural damage, as well as pass through to systems. It diminished the previously high probability of seeing a wing separate from an enemy after a burst or two, and increased pass through damage to engines and incidence of fire. Also, you see increased aerodynamic issues with major HE skin damage and greater damage to engines from penetrating .50 cal fire. They also redid bomb blast damage to more closely model blast and fragmentation radii. @mjkerner, I currently use a Saitek X56 HOTAS, a Track IR with the LED clip, the intro level Thrustmaster rudder pedals, and a 35" ACER Predator monitor. The Saitek is IMHO the best bang for the buck short of going overseas for Virpil or other snazzy Euro control solutions. Given the price points, I would not even look at Thrustmaster. For IL2 BoX the most exciting release has been Battle of Bodenplatte that has significant US / British late war aircraft fighting P-51D, P-47D, Spit Mk IX, P-38, Tempest, against German 109 K4 / G14, FW-190D9 / A8 and of course ME-262. Battle of Normandy is in pre-order and the first aircraft due out is the P-47D 'Razorback'. This 1944 focused release will also include the Typhoon, Spit Mk XIV, Mosquito, B-26 (AI only) and on the German side, a late-war 109 G6 variant, 190A6, ME-410 and AR-234 plus a few other planes on both sides. They haven't put out a BoN trailer yet, but here's a very recent fantastic vid of BoBP. If this doesn't make you want to play it nothing will. All footage is in-game. No cinematic that I can detect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i1gF-gFa_Y&t=5s And, as an alternate path on the sim in between 46 and BoX, here's the Cliffs of Dover (CLoD) Tobruk trailer: If any are interested in this stuff, ensure you take advantage of the sale going on now - or wait for the next one! Entry level right now for Battle of Stalingrad for example is just $20 for the Premium pack with bonus a/c and BoBP is $40. BF please forgive me for posting other folk's stuff, but should not be in direct competition w/ you guys. You know I love you!
  2. So - haven't played CM in literally years, but was beta tester and wrote some of the missions on CMRT and CMBS. However, I am now a die-hard IL2 addict, playing the latest IL-2 Great Battles series (IL2 BoX ie. Battle of X - Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, Bodenplatte and the upcoming Normandy). IL2 BoX has some issues, but to say that the visuals are astounding is an understatement. Flight models and damage models are a very close second to DCS for realism. Online multiplayer is superb. With head tracking and HOTAS, it is completely immersive, and I am only awaiting the right VR headset to take that plunge. FWIW I believe the summer sale is still on, with most of the titles (minus the brand new ones) available at 50-75% off. Note: IL2 also built "Flying Circus" onto the base of "Rise of Flight" to simulate WWI aviation and it is an amazing sime and lots of fun as well. Also of note, the IL2 Cliffs of Dover - the Battle of Britain sim that was the immediate predecessor of IL2 BoX (came after IL2 1946) is coming out very soon with IL2 Tobruk, which will feature a truly incredible level of aircraft, both existing and new, modded for the North Africa campaign. If you are into flight sims at all you should check it out. Cliffs and Tobruk are only on Steam (I bought BoX direct from 1C Games, to ensure the devs got all my dollars). I think Cliffs of Dover is currently $6 and change. For a taste of IL2 BoX look up either Der Sheriff https://www.youtube.com/c/SheriffsSimShack or iFlyCentral https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6U2wqGyO2APRoFJwOoztA- both Youtubers - who post great content. Not a cheap hobby, but I am consistently amazed at the quality of the community and sometimes have fun just flying formation or doing acrobatics - its that realistic and beautiful.
  3. Army cleaning up for Marine Corps again!  Doing some final adjustments on Anti-landing Actions for you.  Hope your overall experience with Threattec is going well!

    1. Imperial Grunt

      Imperial Grunt

      LOL. Well, somebody has to pick up all that brass laying on the ground after the battle!

      And yeah, my PPT skills fairly blow. I freely admit. Thank you for the final adjustments, hopefuly they are not major dope changes!


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