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Drunkin' driving will impair your ability to fight effectively in battle. Old Hans and his crew from a wild night out was in no shape to drive their King Tiger into battle. Wilhem insisted that he can do anything since he is "ELITE". Even drive a King Tiger!!!

You following me! Uh-Oh!:eek:




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Throw a flame team in there just in case they have to bail from a close assault. Would give the surrounding infantry a nice little surprise.


What happens if you put a tank rider group larger than the crew size onto the crewless tank? Do some of the riders take up the crew seats, like they do on jeeps and halftracks? Can you actually operate the tank with the HQ? ISTR being unable to drive trucks around without their actual driver being on board.

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Anything larger will not work. They will not mount the inside seats to operate the tank. Anything the same size or smaller will work. Yes, you can actually operate the tank without any of the original crew aboard.

If you have three of the four seats occupied, start the game, and then give the original crew a mount order one member will try to mount that seat but instead will just stand there and do the twitch thing. Seems he is wanting to jump in that seat but is confused as to who the other members inside the tank are.

Crazy bug as you could buy poor conscript tanks and mount them with highly skilled elite HQ's that cost hundreds of ponts less.

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