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  1. Ah excellent, I have all the upgrades, games and modules it shouldn't be a problem, thanks guys.
  2. Also, can I install my Combat Mission games onto my newish laptop so I can play turns when I'm unable to get to my desktop PC?
  3. That's correct. Not since the first activation, but a few days after I installed Fire & Rubble it began to ask again. Yes when I first installed the game. Will do, thanks.
  4. I recently bought and installed the Fire and Rubble DLC. I copied my old version of CMRT onto my desk top because I was playing a battle against someone who wasn't getting the latest patch. So we've played a few turns since but now when I try to play either version of the game I get brought to the product activation wizard, and when I copy my product key into it, it say I've exceeded my activations. I've only ever had my games on the one PC.
  5. Ha cool, some new campaign ideas and I can finally do a Twilight 2000 campaign.
  6. I love the rules myself, gives each engagement a realistic feel of C&C and I wish I'd played against more players who'd use them. I'd love to do a HardCat rules of engagement campaign.
  7. I have FRAPS, but I only get black screens shots.
  8. It can be used instead of Vassal, but it is completely different. You set the date and time and place units on a map, give the units checkpoints to travel along a route setting their speed and then press play. You really need to fiddle around with it.
  9. Would it be possible to post your converted maps into a map pack over at the CMMODS III ? Or is there another way to get these usful gems? (I'm running a CMBS campaign and can use all the maps I can get my hands on).
  10. @Probus The GMT 40,42,43 & 44 games are great but with battalion size battles/formations will drag out the campaigns as @Erwin mentioned, which usually fizzle out. You might want to narrow your focus to smaller engagements, check out the Standard Combat Series from Multi Man Publishing (MMP) they're company size battles (for the most part). There's an interesting one for the battle of Bastogne called 'Bastogne: Screaming Eagles Under Siege' (Vassal Link). I had started to build a Vassal Module for the Noville battle, details can be found over at the FGM here, it's not a finished project, there's still work to do. One tip I'll give you before you start any campaign, have the CM battle maps built beforehand, it'll will make life a lot easier. I'm currently using vassal for a small campaign using CMBS, small unit engagements, it's in it's testing phase but early indicators look good.
  11. I remember those campaigns foundly, I still have a copy the Geccos program that the campaign ran on.
  12. Here are some decent maps of the lower Alpine region in Italy, even tho the war didn't go that far north but they give a good flavor of terrain for map making, you can always change place names. https://dolomiti.webmapp.it/ http://brenta.webmapp.it/#6/46.140/10.784
  13. Try this site: https://www.falk.de/stadtplan/venafro?data=eyJncyI6ImJpY3ljbGluZ09zbSIsImdwIjoiNDEuNDI0NTUzLDE0LjA4OTUyOSIsImd6IjoiMTMuMDAiLCJjIjoiNDEuNDgyOTAwLDE0LjA0NDY0MCJ9 EDIT: and use this site to resize your browser page to get the screenshot you want (remember to to click on custom URL and paste the above link and resize the pixel width & height) and then use a 'snap shot' browser extension like Full Page Screen Capture to get a screenshot of the area you want, and remember with Full Page Screen Capture make sure your bang on in the middle of the browser page.
  14. I have found memories playing this way back when. Does anyone still have the rules and other stuff? EDIT: Ah found them! http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods/search?search=ROQC&commit=Search
  15. Just read this from start to finish, very enjoyable and well produced.
  16. Map looks awesome, where can I get it? EDIT: Never mind, found it.
  17. Splendid! Thank you for the prompt reply.
  18. Hey kohlenklau, I hope this message finds you well. Is there a chance I can get my hands on the Italian uniform mods from the screenie above please.
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