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Is there a CM game covering actual D-Day landings time frame ? Thanks.

Time frame? Sure. You can cook up scenarios with paras just after they have landed and going forward from there. Somewhat the same with the troops that have come by sea if you start them inland from the Atlantic Wall.

The actual beach landings? Not really well, though there are some heavily modded scenarios that try to. But to do that right, you'd need some new types of vehicles, obstacles, and fortifications as well as some different TO&Es, and that would have to come from BFC, who don't appear to want to sink the necessary resources into something of such limited applicability.


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indeed this operation is overrated anyways but this it US patriotism as known

Overrated? US patriotism? What?

I am pretty sure there were Brits there that day. Canadians. Followed swiftly by Free French, Poles and others. I doubt any of the Germans there that day would have considered it overrated either.

Other Amphibious Operations in WW2 conducted by the stuck up, self righteous Americans:

Okinawa 14000 US killed in 80 days - 175 a day

Iwo Jima 6800 Killed in thirty days - 226 a day

Tarawa 1700 Killed in three days - 566 a day

Normandy 20,000 Killed in 60 days - 333 a day

Sarcastically- Obviously, none of those sacrifices is a big deal, especially considering we could have simply waited it out and became Germany's biggest trading partner.

My apologies for perhaps overreacting, but having fought in three wars in the last twenty years for the US Army, I get my hackles up when I perceive someone trying to minimize what that means (to any soldier or "patriot").

This is a forum about a great wargame. I would hope we can keep the comments to that, as we are all from different life experiences, political affiliations, loyalties, etc. and you never know whom your strongly worded opinion might offend. I will strive to do so from now on as well.

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