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  1. Hey fellas, ScoutPL here. Bil asked me to chime in. This fight is from awhile ago (over a year I guess), so my memory for the detail is rusty but I think I can give you an idea what I was thinking. Key to my plan was the open ground that existed between what I assumed was Bils front line (based on scenario intel and confirmed in the first few turns) and the actual objective. Essentially, his line of communication from his forward trace back to his main position could be interdicted with fires. So I set up a pretty strong Support By Fire position with my machine guns, Forward Observers, and one STUG. I dont remember precisely, but I think there was an infantry platoon there for security, as well. The main attack would consist of an end-run to my left, what Bil has labeled as AOA2. I felt it offered the most cover and concealment and would force Bil to fight in two directions at once. I had one ace in hand that made such an aggressive move possible: a few heavy trucks. After the STUGs and a dismounted platoon proofed the route, I was able to move most of my company by truck to the Attack Position in two quick trips. Then it became a slug fest as I pushed up the hill hedgerow by hedgerow.
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