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  1. Hey fellas, ScoutPL here. Bil asked me to chime in. This fight is from awhile ago (over a year I guess), so my memory for the detail is rusty but I think I can give you an idea what I was thinking. Key to my plan was the open ground that existed between what I assumed was Bils front line (based on scenario intel and confirmed in the first few turns) and the actual objective. Essentially, his line of communication from his forward trace back to his main position could be interdicted with fires. So I set up a pretty strong Support By Fire position with my machine guns, Forward Observers
  2. Hello all, Experienced player looking for opponents, send me a message at toddj4143@gmail.com if interested. Thanks
  3. It depends on what you are using your supporting weapons for. Mortars are best stationary with a "Fire Direction Center" unit nearby (usually one of the MTR platoon HQ units). The MTR platoon HQ or Weapons platoon HQ can then be used as an extra forward observer for your mtrs. MGs are often pushed forward to support your attack. Best used in a support by fire position where their longer range will keep them out of range of most small arms (if the terrain will allow). The weapons platoon HQ can be used to C2 those guns once the rifle platoons move forward, leaving the MGs behind. You
  4. I believe rocket attacks are the exception here. Its been awhile since I let this happen but I am fairly certain I was rocketed in my setup zone a number of times (the area of effect is so broad).
  5. This is exactly what I do. Select Human pick forces and when the selection screen pops up select "Recommend Setup" (or whatever the verbage is). Then delete the arty/mtrs/rockets that are inevitably selected. (Dont let yourself preview the other units, the fire support assets are always at the bottom.) Russian fire support is so cheap it rarely makes a difference in the balance. Well, except the AI doesn't get to kill all of your infantry in the first 30 seconds. The only other option is to edit the QB maps and delete the Target Objectives that are telling the AI to fire those missions
  6. Dumb grunt prediction: Syria and Iraq will dissolve as nation states. Creating a new Sunni dominated state in the west and an Iran satellite, Shia state in the east. The Kurds will hold out for as long as they can, especially if they can maintain control of the northern oil fields. The brits drew the lines, the UN has worked to maintain them, but due to everyone's attention being on other things, or simply lack of real interest, the old lines will blur. The US cannot support Maliki, since he has strayed rather far from the mandate given him and his government. Without that support
  7. I always thought the biggest reason was clearing houses. Without clearly delineated rooms, staircases, doorways, etc it would be impossible to accurately track every round in a structure. Clearing houses is abstracted, so friendly fire has to be as well.
  8. Does anyone else believe the new tweaks to the game engine make this kind of combat ridiculously (ie unrealistically) difficult? I mean everyone's TTP (including my own at this point) seems to be throw a few bodies out front and when they get waxed you will have some idea where the enemy is. Or spray the ground to your front and hope you can suppress any enemy there so you can spot them before you walk on top of them. As a professional infantryman I have to say this is just WRONG. Restrictive terrain is the infantryman's friend (whether he be attacking or defending). There is comfort an
  9. Sounds like a fun campaign, but its not a "Recon" campaign. Its a "behind the lines" campaign that could be fought by an infantry platoon, an engineer platoon, etc. An actual scout/recon campaign would bore most players to tears. "Ok, I've been sitting here for two hours and nothing has happened. I dont guess the enemy is coming this way." Game End - Total Victory (you survived).
  10. I would argue that recon units in CM are just "regular infantry," they just happen to be poorly armed regular infantry. And by poorly armed I mean they lack the versatility of a regular line squad. Yes, if you preview a QB map and know you have a lot of restrictive terrain to fight in, than you may be tempted to cherry pick some recon units that have a high ratio of SMGs. As you say, a great tactic if you are just looking for the best advantage in winning a game, not the way you should probably go if you are looking for a realistic challenge. I was agreeing that scout squads can best be
  11. I have to agree with Erwin, though for a different reason. Reconnaissance (Scout) units are especially trained, organized, and equipped to seek out the enemy and report back to higher. These specially tasked units work directly for the staff intelligence officers (at any level) and report directly to them and the commander. Their tasks are often based on the intelligence officers assessment of the enemy and terrain in coordination with the operations officer who is focused on the mission. For example, your battalion has to seize a key crossroads. The intel officer identifies three avenu
  12. I've played them both as well, each for different reasons. If you are looking for a click fest, adrenaline rush, ending in screams of frustration and pounding of fists, try CoH. If you are looking for a tactical sim that will test your ability to conduct fire and maneuver while you enjoy your ham sandwich with just a touch of Grey Poupon than go for CM. They are so different its even hard to compare them. Essentially CoH could be played with Orcs and Space Marines on distant planets... oh wait a minute... If someone tells you they think CoH rocks and CM sucks, ask them to explai
  13. Check out my CMSF tutorials. First one is of a rifle company assaulting a town. Very applicable to your discussion here. There are supporting videos on Youtube.
  14. Some more suggestions. Most of these read as after action reports at the squad and platoon level. A little hard to believe at times so take it all in with a skeptical eye, I am not an expert on post WW2 german literature but often thought when I was reading these books that it could all be propaganda. Good resource for getting an idea of what small unit actions looked like though. http://www.amazon.com/Infantry-Aces-Soldier-Stackpole-Military-ebook/dp/B004BJ11E0/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top http://www.amazon.com/Panzer-Aces-Commanders-Stackpole-Military-ebook/dp/B008ML7DEK/ref=sr_1_1?s=di
  15. The difference between one armys tank crews and another. One army devotes time and energy to crew drills and gunnery. The next one over perfects moss and bark collection battle drills.
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