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  1. well i reinstalled the game + upgrades and reinstalled the UI mod by JuJu and now everything is fine ^^ Anyway thanks buddy
  2. Hey guys, i updated my CMRT to the Game engine 4.0 version and now my UI Mod made by JuJu isnt working anymore - its a complete messup with all these new comands etc. Is there a new version out there or is there any other working UI mod available ? Greets Marc
  3. Yeah thats the same way i play these kind of scenarios, but just wondering how cool this could be when everything happens simultaniously -scouting left and right flanks and advancing in the middle etc.
  4. VERY nice George, as always !!! But hell, this cant be played by a single player ^^ THIS is a superb example how good this game could be when played with 3 pl. in coop. or 2/3 vs 2/3 . It would be THE WARGAME ! Anyway George keep the good maps coming ^^ And thank you very much !
  5. Units at this map do not respond to any given orders ! (i played RT) In some cases a single tank needed 2 minutes just to drive forward - that applies to all units. The AI is absolutely unable to move its units. They got stuck at the road for 1 hour so i quit the game.
  6. I hope that we get some graphic improvements for trees etc. (we need MORE different trees) In that video it looks like Battle for Normandy with T34 ... But its still Beta so fingers crossed that the release will look like eastern front
  7. Performance killer nr.1 are the shadows http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=2f8b03-1381782975.jpg without 33 http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=f62993-1381782988.jpg with 16
  8. Looks like MG lowers the performance again .... Even high end hardware strugles to get reasonable framerates.
  9. when i copy these part into my "hotkeys" file i end up with blank buttons ingame ?!! How can i change my hotkeys ?
  10. Red Stream is at the Repository but the other is missing.
  11. Truly one of THE BEST scenarios i have ever played so far, thanks a lot Pandur and please go one with such maps ^^ Greets Marc P.S. i cant find your other scenario Punitive Express, any hint to find it ?
  12. Is there a hotkey for "clear target" in existence by now ?
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