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  1. well i reinstalled the game + upgrades and reinstalled the UI mod by JuJu and now everything is fine ^^ Anyway thanks buddy
  2. Hey guys, i updated my CMRT to the Game engine 4.0 version and now my UI Mod made by JuJu isnt working anymore - its a complete messup with all these new comands etc. Is there a new version out there or is there any other working UI mod available ? Greets Marc
  3. Webpage says: CMFB Windows v102 Patch Installer.zip Downloaded content says: CMFB Windows v101 Patch Installer After installing it to the right direction game is still 1.01
  4. ok i played it and had lot of fun, very immersive. Against the AI its some what of a turkey shoot especialy when you get panthers and tigers. Anyway it was nice to play and the terrain was done very well. Strange thing was that none of my units got a campaing statistic at the end - it looked like they all got replaced after each míssion by new troops, whether they got destroyed or not ??!! Maybe its a bug or something ?
  5. ah good to know so i dont have to put many zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in front of the folder name
  6. Ah ok it comes with 1 GB of mods ^^ are these essential to the camp. or can it played without ? And the mods needs to be where the camp. file goes or into the Z folder ?
  7. 541 MB ? Thats strange ? But thanks, downloading it and will give it a test asap.
  8. Yeah thats the same way i play these kind of scenarios, but just wondering how cool this could be when everything happens simultaniously -scouting left and right flanks and advancing in the middle etc.
  9. VERY nice George, as always !!! But hell, this cant be played by a single player ^^ THIS is a superb example how good this game could be when played with 3 pl. in coop. or 2/3 vs 2/3 . It would be THE WARGAME ! Anyway George keep the good maps coming ^^ And thank you very much !
  10. ah understood, but no, thats not the issue here
  11. womble turning trees on or off, turning smoke on or of has nothing to do with the ability to spot units or not ??!! It just a fx effect like roofs on or off, seriously i have no idea what you mean
  12. clearly my favorite And no guys, it has nothing to do with, "trees or smoke on" (WTF) or time of the day or weather or or or the phase of the moon .... And, in case there comes a question, yes there IS a enemy tank "somewhere" around And here is the savegame: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10461108/The-Cross-of-Iron-070.rar.html
  13. No No No its NOT "between the cycles" my units stood there for minutes without spotting anything. The panther who drove right into the T34 lost LOS as it droves back just 2m !!! This happens for all units on this map (it was a mission from "Iron Cross campaign")
  14. What is wrong with spotting BF ? That is so absurd, i let the pictures speak. These units are unable to spot tanks even when they SIT on them.
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