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  1. @RockinHarry, thanks for that information, very useful, will give the pause a try and report back. A little poor of BFC to not have offered a remedy almost a year later when several have reported it. The other bug issue I am having is some squads plain disappear from the battlefield ! The unit is presented as you scroll through but half a squad stays insitu and other half vanishes or appears at the movement objective. Nothing seems to fix it once this has happened. I tried individual movement orders, company moves etc. you lose the whole platoon from your order of battle.
  2. ah, I've just mentioned this hedgerow bug affecting the King and Country campaign as thought the v4 patch had affected the campaign saved files somehow. Is anyone looking into fixing this problem? Makes a campaign hard to progress when your men keep deploying the wrong side of a hedge or wall and running towards the bullets!
  3. the more recent patches to cmbn seem to have borked this campaign somewhat. It affects the infantry the worst. If they come under fire behind a hedge or in cover they move to the forward exposed side and get massacred ! Likewise if they get panicked they run towards the guns instead of away. I'm 3 or so battles in so really don't want to start again especially as Round 1 was huge and took me ages to get through. Im struggling to progress as my infantry casualties keep going up without fault of my own! Is there a known fix for correcting these older campaigns to suit the V4 patches?
  4. I was really after a British airborne campaign at Arnhem, seems a shame that none of the great scenario creators attempted any.
  5. been away from here a while, does anyone know of any good Market garden campaigns or scenarios about? (other than the handful of scenarios that came with the MG Module). Quite surprised there wasn't a Paratroop campaign or two included with the MG module considering the different ways that battle could have played out. Have started reading the rare book 'Cauldron' by Zeno (who fought at Arnhem) and thought it would make a cracking campaign to follow his pathfinder platoon..or similar from the initial landing zones, through to the push on the bridge and town itself with ever stiffening opposition.
  6. Yes it’s incidents like cut off/out of ammo/hopeless situation when you should be able to surrender a unit or the game engine enforces the unit to surrender whether you like it or not. Let’s face it not many commanders give carte Blanche to their men surrendering but those guys might take it upon themselves to preferring a POW cage than being wiped out.
  7. Hint of sarcasm noted I am sure it had been brought up before but we are now far down the line and I still think it’s not implemented well enough. It seems you have to let your men get slaughtered rather than pow them, hardly realistic (unless it’s the Eastern front!). A prime example is in my current pbem fight where a flanking village needed to be secured off the line of advance. A solitary US platoon held the hamlet and I had over a company of heavily armed infantry backed up by panthers and flakwagens pouring fire into the houses at point blank range. None of them surrendered until 1 man of a hq team was left alive. There is no way that platoon of ordinary gi’s would suffer that firepower and hopeless situation until last man standing. If they were diehard S.S. or Russians maybe, but ordinary infantry would have waved the flag quite justly against such odds. It just seemed an unnecessary slaughter and My opponent couldn’t surrender them even if he’d wanted too, which also creates a gamey aspect with die to delay.
  8. Why after so many cm modules and patches is surrendering units so poorly adopted in game? Almost every unit seems to fight to the death no matter how much fire is poured onto them or hopeless the situation. Also I don’t get why there isn’t an option to voluntarily surrender a unit? It seems a huge faux pas for a battle simulator like the cm series. it often affects the outcome of a fight when you have to commit so much resources and time smashing the hell out of a building or wood etc when you know that unless they are fanatical or extremely motivated troops, they would throw down their weapons than be annihilated to a man . It should definitely be an option that you can surrender a unit in a hopeless situation. i thought it was written into the code that once a unit suffered x-amount of casualties or the force as a whole had lost x-amount of units/morale that units would surrender more readily?
  9. Thanks Rinaldi, very useful, can’t believe all these years I didn’t know we had that
  10. What is this ‘evade’ command you guys keep referring too? Is it a hot key combo as I do not see it in any menu. Confused!
  11. just fought this scenario with a regular opponent and it was a really good tough fight for the first hour but the battle then petered out as both sides had suffered heavy losses and were pretty exhausted. The town changed hands 3 times! (if only Bfc had more realistic damage for buildings ) We still had over an hour left on the clock and both sides expected reinforcements to dribble in or arrive en-masse but nothing else happened, which was a real anti-climax after such a great fight. We continued with sporadic fighting but then both hit ceasefire with 40mins going. Great scenario on a good map, just needed some late units to keep it spicy. I got a total victory as the US player
  12. first battle, on the beaches is fantastic. Been wondering how tough/good a D-Day invasion scenario would play out since CMBN arrived. I have visited this very beach and walked down to the waterline to head back up the beach to get the same visual perspective as those gallant guys would have got, very poignant. Really look forward to battling through the rest of the battles, once my beachhead is secure ;-)
  13. Just found this, looks great! Look forward to battling it out, many thanks for your efforts.
  14. Hi all, I am currently fighting the rather good 'Battle for Carentan' scenario with a Blitz opponent. However the German paras are appearing as regular Wehrmacht troops. Is that how they are meant to appear? Been a long while but I thought FJ were introduced into CMBN a long time ago. Maybe this scenario pre-dates their release?
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