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  1. Even before the war the Germans (and others for that matter) had figured out that 7.92 ammo was far too weak to be a reliable damage dealer against aircraft. You either needed a larger caliber or a large amount of machine guns. Most nations went with the bigger caliber (.50 or 20mm). The British notably kept using their .303 MG on Hurricanes and Spitfires, but used a lot of them. In the case of the Hurricane up to 12.
  2. Admit it, Steve. Laager AI is totally broken!
  3. Ah, yes, of course. Mounting extra protection on the outside would make more sense. Sometimes I think all this obvious stuff going over my head is the reason my my male pattern baldness.
  4. Those sniper screenshots are as perfectly, satisfyingly annoying as the end-of-turn frozen-in-mid-flight aimed-at-tank bazooka shot
  5. Am I correct in assuming they'd mount the logs and beams in the corner between the plates just above the benches' backrest? I have a hard time picturing anything else as being "more comfortable".
  6. I think there were people who had similar symptoms, but who installed the modules and patches in the incorrect order. Perhaps this is the case?
  7. I believe it's a (Ukranian?) variant of the T-72B. I've only ever seen a few references to it.
  8. Isn't this one of those features people have always wanted? To have airborne arrive this way?
  9. Are you refering to the tank he's standing next to at the beginning? That is actually an Australian Sentinel tank with what looks like a 17pdr.
  10. Very nice indeed. That Tiger comes across as a complete beast of a tank when that Sherman drives past it. And watching it I had the weirdest realisation. The Sherman's TC is on the right side of the turret. For some reason my mental model has him on the left side. :confused:
  11. Cool looking mix between live action and CGI. And now I am off to find new braincells to replace those I lost from glancing at the comments section.
  12. I've heard those conspiracy theories of invisible flying Nazi saucers, but I've never heard of them fielding invisible toilets.
  13. Not as silly as it may seem. I'm pretty sure if this wasn't the case BFC would have ditched the CMx2 engine a long time ago
  14. Btw, 2.11 (did a google for it) loads fine too.
  15. Currently re-installing again, but now I am going through 2.11 instead of straight from 2.10 to 2.12. I'll let you know how things turn out. Edit 1: something is definitely going on with the CMBN MG registration system. I just installed MG. After every patch and module install I could just launch the game without having to activate just as if it was already activated. This might be something in the windows registry or maybe something on BFC's side of things. Anyway the game remembered the activation on this machine. Then comes Market Garden 2.10. I again launch the game without registeri
  16. Oddly enough I now have the same problem. Tried installing CMBN + CW + MG on my new PC and checking after each install of a patch or module everything goes smoothly right up to the MG installation. Everything loads as expected. Then comes the 2.12 patch and MG no longer loads for some reason.
  17. I knew about the bullet tracking, but does this mean vehicle internals are physically tracked as well? I always thought it was more like "if penetrated on the right side roll 2d6 on the following damage table".
  18. I have never heard of this happening with a simple RAM expansion. Usually it's things like videocard and complete motherboard changes that invalidate licenses. So you *should* be fine until you switch to win7. If you really want to be sure you can always do the ram expansion at the same time as the windows switch. That way you're sure you'll only need the one new install.
  19. Judging by that thread in the CMFI forum you should at least wait until the demo. You know they save you dollars, time?
  20. They could be deployed on bipods instead of tripods. The same thing could be done with it's contemporary/predecessor, theMG-34.: The bipod could be placed on nearly anything and was quite a bit lighter, although the tripod was more stable when firing. In other words the bipod traded the tripod's stability for mobility. It could also be used like this: Although I am not sure I would want my back to the enemy while someone fires a machinegun next to my ear.
  21. Unless the killed soldiers were riding on the back of a tank or a flatbed truck, I don't see why they would fall out. I think the body of the guy who got shot from the back of the tank was left on the ground.
  22. Chris, I really enjoyed watching last Saturday! I actually had forgotten all about it. Was reminded when I visited the forums to get a CM-fix by proxy as it was too late to start a new game. Came in halfway through during the force selection for the QB. Made the reference to the Tankovyy Desant scenario very confusing
  23. Edit: posted in the wrong thread. :mad:
  24. Yes. The average FoW list should be taken with a grain of salt.
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