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Scenario Factory assembly line concept

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We can do it.

We can make 10 new scenarios in an assembly line manner.

Small size maps and forces at first to see if this proves efficient.

We'll use a dropbox folder for each new scenario. Just numbered at first.

Generic tactical concepts at first. If they emerge from an actual historical context then maybe they get a more detailed briefing.

This might be more like building a Rolls-Royce.

Each scenario can be walked along by a small dedicated team that loves that particular scenario and therefore might not get involved in another scenario. Or you can do certain jobs on each of the scenarios if you like.

I will use JonS's scenario guide to create sub-assembly teams.

Just thinking off the cuff....

Map team. we can swipe QB maps if we need to or modify them a tad.

Brieifing team.

OOB team

AI team

Test team


Who wants to join me on the assembly line?

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I've never created a scenario before hence the lack of experience is inevitable... and more interested in campaigns so doing this atm:

Create a core force. Deploy the core force to each default scenario that comes with the FI/GL install, matching the new unit strength to the replaced ones ofc. When I finished I intend to pack them all into a campaign. It provides me some lineage and continuity when fighting with the same core units.

Last night I finished the first 4 scenarios and played thru them, was indeed enjoyable. PS nice pic!

edit: missed the point. glad to help if i can.

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thanks Skawbie. That makes 2 of us.

Do you happen to play the Bulge 44 mod at all?

Although we can work on any timeframe you desire,

I happened to have already started a small Bulge 44 scenario map.

The tactical situation is applicable to non-Bulge time frame I suppose.

An axis assault causes some units to pull back. Poorly supplied ad hoc relieving US units encounter first the friendly forces routed and headed west away from the axis troops.

Axis forces enter map and attempt to exit off the west map edge. Get it?

I will PM you for your e-mail address and set-up the dropbox factory folder for this scenario. OK skwabie?? You can do it! I appreciate your help and it could be great to see another person's take on things rather than my same old spices in the lasagna recipe approach.

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It's a good idea. It's funny you brought this up, 'cause I was just thinking about something like this a few days ago—back in CMBO's days there used to be a few teams of guys that did scenarios as a group, Wild Bill had one and there was another that I can't remember the name of.


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Maybe like an old fashioned Amish barn raisin'!!!

From now on as default, anyone interested just PM me your e-mail address and I will be able to add you to the dropbox.

I'm gonna come up with a file naming system so we can track who has the file.

date and time.

Hand-off coordination is paramount so we don't waste anyone's efforts.

Does anyone know of an application that works with dropbox and assists in that concern?

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Does anyone know of an application that works with dropbox and assists in that concern?

Any source control system could do that. Git or subversion spring into mind. Problem is that everyone had to learn how to use those programs.

I would suggest to do it manually. Everyone gets his own folder and one person organizes the current version.

Also dropbox keeps old versions for 30 days IIRC. So no big worry to loose stuff.

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Scenario Factory. CM fans working together to get scenarios released out to the fan base.


I have created a small map. long flat rectangle, approx 600 x 200. Skwabie has it and is coming up with some forces based on a general concept we discussed.

It is interesting to see his approach rather than completely using mine. We'll bounce it back and forth til it is done.

Freyberg. I sent you a PM.

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Sure. If you all let me selfishly guide this towards Bulge battles then I would think KG Peiper! Human player as axis and just a bunch of maps that put you through the stress of finding a route forward. I did the route in a rental car many years back. I don't know what was Peiper's problem...I had absolutely no hold-ups getting through!

But of course we can do something non-Bulge. :)

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I was there in early Spring 2001 with my Dad and my son. Someday I plan to go back in the winter.

OK! We have got our 2nd scenario factory dropbox folder set-up. gdbf01 has kindly offered to create an Ardennes map and we'll get a scenario under production. Only 8 more scenarios to commence assembly toward our goal of 10 new scenarios.

Each dropbox is like a little incubator.

The briefing format I plan to keep standardized, short and sweet. I like your strategic and operational images Los! Do you have them as photoshop files to move that pink star around?

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We need the control freaks out there! Come on, step up and volunteer! We need the AI programmer bubbas. The map is made. Somebody already purchased units.

Pick up the buffer and polish the AI to a brilliant sparkle.

Go into the purchase units menu. assign the AI unit tags. Grab a pencil, some sheets of paper, draw a few arrows, come up with a few AI plans. Do your part for your community!

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Almost 10 years ago I had this idea. Not saying it is an original idea. I think I read others have tried it and didn't get much to happen.


Maybe we just try again! @Vacillator, Tim, do you want to help me write the CMFI scenario for the Tiger 131 story in that video?

and this article...


No hurry. Do some light easy research and feed me answers to certain scenario design questions? Such as the below...

Gueriat El Atach, Tunisia

24 April 1943, what time?

2nd Battalion - Sherwood Foresters versus who?


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