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No Elephant tanks?

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Heavily utilized?

A grand total of 11 Elephants were sent to the Italian theater after the Anzio landings (February 1944). All in the 653 Panzerjager battalion.

4 of them were lost by March, to things like mines, engine fires, collapsing bridges, etc.

Another 4 lived until June and the fighting around Rome (the breakout period), then died to air attacks, more inability to negotiate Italian bridges (70 tons is not what those were built to carry), and mechanical troubles. By late June only 2 were left. The unit was then sent back to German to re-equip with Jadgtigers.

This means there are less than a dozen at early Anzio, half a dozen at the breakout fighting period, and none thereafter.

If that counts as "heavily utilized", what terms would you use to describe, say, the use of Shermans?

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The information you've been given is correct, but the Elephants not yet available to you in CMFI were first Ferdinands which survived Kursk--barely. The handful of survivors got the sorely missed bow MG, a cupola, other tweaks and a new name.

Here's a beautifully externally restored (nonfunctional--sniff) SdKfz 184 Elefant:


This Russian WW II Photo Archive has some rare footage of Ferdinands at Kursk. All I'd ever seen before this were a few stills.


John Kettler

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