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  1. I thought I remember ChrisND saying the Repository was supposed to be overhauled or replaced months ago. I wonder if this is still in the works?
  2. Thank you Chris and the beta testers. This will make an already great game even better.
  3. You forgot to add ...In my opinion....I don't agree at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think the standard textures are quite good. Maybe because I don't play FPS'ers, but I am amazed at how good the tanks and other vehicles look,and I think terrain is more than adequate. If I have any beef at all, it's that everything looks a bit too "clean".
  4. Hmmmm....Red Dawn? Sounds intriguing. I wonder if the terrain and buildings could be modded to look like the USA?
  5. Thanks for the bone Chris. Can't wait to try out the Hetzer. Twitch preview this weekend?
  6. That's true. I just thought with the demo being released with version 1.02, that the patch might be coming shortly.
  7. Got the same thing yesterday Nidan when I visited Twitch. Had to change my password. I don't think they have any sensitive information like credit card numbers or anything.
  8. Not that I know of. I saw a thread in the mods forum where George MC released a version of the demo scenario that uses the 1.02 patch. That's why I asked. I assumed it would be coming out soon.
  9. Any ETA on the 1.02 Patch? Was going to hold off starting a new campaign to see what changes are in it. This week maybe? Or longer?
  10. Any chance we could get a peek at these shots you were talking about before Christmas now? An early Spring bone?
  11. Just noticed this on a QB map I was checking out. The second story walls of some of the buildings are missing. The map is QB Hills-Forest (848x1008) 228.
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