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  1. Wow they look great Kieme. Can't wait to try them out in game. Thank you.
  2. I hereby nominate Kieme for the CM Modders Hall of Fame.
  3. Very nice Kieme. I personally prefer just a light weathering on the vehicles. Looks great. Thanks for all the great mods.
  4. Watched it last night. I thought it was a decent action movie. I found the last scene a little hard to believe....An immobilized Sherman crew holding off 300 Germans? But it was entertaining.
  5. Really looking forward to this game. I hope they are able to release it before Christmas. Steve doesn't seem to be a big Putin fan.
  6. I know Steve said they were very close to releasing before the end of 2013, so i'm hoping it won't be long before preorders are announced. Oh and an early Happy Birthday Mord
  7. Looking forward to this. I always thought of trying my hand at making a small scenario but found it a bit intimidating. Be good to see how one the experts goes about it. Thanks JonS...will be following closely.
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