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  1. And that kinda correspondes with my point: I couldn't win it as is in my previous runs because I assumed the AI is going to do the smart thing with its tanks, which is sit back and snipe anything that attempts to approach the town (which is preciously what I am going to do if I am the blue commander as I know the initial red force in the town is quite few in number so preventing red reinforcement should be a huge priority for blue side). As a result I thought the only way to handle this as red is to force an engagement at all angles with all my tanks BMPs, and AT carriers at once when blue force is still out in the open (which never worked for me). The only reason I won is because the blue AI actually failed to cover the road approach (isn't obvious because the tree cover shouldn't be blocking the thermals from the looks of it, but it actually can)so my BMPs can just drive into the town and unload all the infantry. This results in me having more infantry AT in the town which hard counters the tanks and M113s. In addition,driving two of the M60s through the north side of town without any infantry support is without doubt an actual blunder in my book. Blue is attacking a red position with the knowledge of red scout squads in the town and more red infantry reinforcement on the way, which should automatically warant infantry leading the way for ALL tank movements. In my last playthrough blue AI lost two M60s to RPGs in the north side of the town which gives me massive breathing room to manuver around and flank the rest of the blue force, something that isn't possible if the blue commander decides to leave the two M60s around the northern outskirts in overwatching positions. In fact, blue lost all five M60s to RPGs in the town, which should say something about how the blue AI is handling this engagement.
  2. Strangely, after I made this post yesterday I tried this scenario again and got a total victory as red. Massed push never works for me against 5* thermal M60s so I tried blindly rushing down the road with whatever BMPs I have and commiting to the infantry fight in the town and it worked like a charm. Turns out none of the five M60s can get a full sightline on the road to the town so it is mostly safe to travel what looks like the most dangerous road in the world, though I am still confused by why the single file of trees on the side of the road can mask my movement while thermals seem to penetrate thicker treelines and nail my scouts with ease. Once all my infantry forces are in the town there are a few dubious tactical decisions the AI made that become easily exploitable, namely rushing two of the M60s into the north side of the town with no infantry support whatsoever and shuffling the rest of the tank platoon to a worse overwatching position to the south of the town where they can be ambushed by infantry AT weapons. The blue forces will be bogged down in the town fight and end up losing. The BMPs and T-64s are only useful for taking out the two M901s in the beginning of the scenario then the rest is mostly infantry. In the end I end up not committing my AT and tank platoon at all but still achieved total victory with relative ease. Feels like the AI is throwing its advantage away since I reckon if the AI spreads out its tanks in proper overwatching positions and never rush them into the town I would have no chance at all. Is the AI blunder here intentional in order for the red vs blue ai experience playable?
  3. I have tried the red side of the "Skirmish at Sichenhausen" scenario 10+ times and every time my forces get obliterated so I think I am definitely missing something. I have played Black Sea and Shock Force 2 before so I have some experience although I am nowhere near as good as the pros so here I am asking for some pointers. Coming into this scenario my plan is to get rid of all the enemy tanks first and use my infantry+BMP combo to clean up the rest. My main source of frustration comes from all the enemy tanks preventing me from utilizing my forces in any effectively manner. The red side is supposed to be numerically superior in this scenario but my tank force consists of only a single platoon of T-64A (2 green, 1 regular) while the enemy tank platoon consists of 5 M60A3s (all veteran I believe). After a few tries I quickly dicarded the option of trading blows with enemy tanks at 1500-2000m. If I am staying hull down at range then my tanks have trouble spotting anything (they can't spot a M60 parked in the middle of the road even if the commander is unbuttoned, a target arc is set on the enemy tank, and scouts nearby feeding them spot information). If I got lucky that my tanks do spot a enemy tank, then they struggle to deal any damage: the only competent crew is the platoon HQ which comes at regular, while the other two can't hit a broadside of a barn due to their green stats. The armor on T-64s also feels weaker (only my gut feeling), and from my observation a M60A3 can reliably take out a T-64A in 3-5 shots at 1500m-2000m while the T-64s either can't make the spot, struggle to hit, or start reversing and pop smoke as soon as they are taking fire, which is of course no use when all the M60s have thermals. The second option I tried is to hit the enemy from all angles with everything I have to utilize my numerical advantage. Sadly this seems impossible without taking out the thermal equipped M60s. My BMPs and AT vehicles are just as blind as my tanks and are easily taken out when they drive over the crest to engage the tanks in the vally, and an all out attack usually results in about one M60 and several M113s taken out before the rest of the tanks get to react and kill everything I have. I even tried to degrade the enemy's command structure first after identifying some movements on the other hill and slaps it with lots of mortar fire. Turns out I took out the A Troop HQ but the enemy's ability to coordinate doesn't seem to be affected at all. I heard this is a balanced scenario but here I am feeling the red side is severely handicapped. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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