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  1. Well that's a rather interesting situation xD
  2. Thanks for the update, any news on the british commandos? Also what about the engine 4 patch? we've been waiting for that for quite a while
  3. No no no, hold your horses, you said MAYBE june, that makes your prediction invalid, better luck next time!
  4. Did you have this joke in mind for a while just waiting for the right occasion to use it or did you just come up with it on the spot?
  5. i would sure love to hear the progress they've made in these months
  6. Wise words, finally a competent field commander around these parts, showing real guts instead of pussyfooting around with artillery, fire superiority and all that nonsense!
  7. A rotten argument, just because you can use other tactics i doesn't mean that single shot bren guns aren't a big deal, if i wanted a close range weapon i would have 2 sten guns in my sections...
  8. Try fighting german squads with mg42s firing bursts with your good old british sections with single shot bren guns, i'd say that's pretty game breaking in certain scenarios... after 14 months and no patch people will complain, like it or not, and they do not care how marginal you think the issues are. 14 months are a long time.
  9. I really dont get what you're saying, it took the devs 2 days to write that the work is going well for the patch and we should expect it shortly?
  10. Let's just stop pretending that posting some news is something so time consuming that it will affect development time, i manage a website and write news articles, it takes like 1 hour if you want to write something organised and comprehensive, posting a quick update would take 10 minutes max.
  11. Even with only these 2 i would be very happy. *Looks at your profile picture* You don't say... xD (im a commando fanboy myself).
  12. They were operating behind enemy lines supporting partisans, ambushing german convoys and generally sabotaging the enemy. I do admit they are very small scale operations however there are even smaller CMBN scenarios so why not...
  13. Personally i'd like to see the SAS and their special jeeps
  14. It is a problem because what's the point of a BAR if you cannot suppress the enemy with some automatic fire? you could shoot single shots just fine with garands.
  15. You misunderstand, this is exactly the problem, it is currently in mechanized infantry and it is not present in airborne infantry, a issue that i presume has been fixed? Edit: i agree on the bren/bar single shot problem, they make british sections even weaker than they normally are
  16. Also fixes the errors in QB formations i hope? like the vickers k jeeps in airborne and not mechanized inf?
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