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  1. You misunderstand, this is exactly the problem, it is currently in mechanized infantry and it is not present in airborne infantry, a issue that i presume has been fixed? Edit: i agree on the bren/bar single shot problem, they make british sections even weaker than they normally are
  2. Also fixes the errors in QB formations i hope? like the vickers k jeeps in airborne and not mechanized inf?
  3. I just experienced this bug on the "Merveilles a Merville" scenario, basically the paras just ignore the marked minefield and just use a wide formation that triggers the mines, killing everyone around, then they panic and the tacAI sends them off the path and its just massacre. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/merveilles-a-merville-assault-on-merville-battery/ P.S: im on engine 4
  4. Quoting your fotress italy christmas bone post "An Elite Forces Pack that includes such things as Commandos and 1st Special Service Force. This would be a pretty small Pack, and may just get rolled into something else. Details are murky at this point. " Could you tell us what happened to this pack?
  5. Could we have some more information about that "special forces" pack you mentioned a while ago? will we see commandos in CMFI or CMBN?
  6. It appears there is a problem with the spawn of enemy vehicles https://imgur.com/a/8GGjj Also are the germans supposed to just mindlessly charge my paratroopers and get mowed down from every direction? this seems a common theme for every mission that involves british paras, or maybe im just too good for this game https://imgur.com/a/2F02N
  7. Im noticing there are a lot of problems with formations since engine 4, like the british airborne recce squadron. Personally i dont think these were intended and im waiting for a patch eagerly...
  8. I tried to get the said mod (it should change the loading screens to maps of the situation in europe during 1944) to work but when i put it in the Z folder my loading screen remain the same, did anyone manage to get it to work?
  9. Im trying to film a column of sherman tanks crossing nijmegen bridge but the pathfinding is terrible and they keep going in a zig-zag pattern after going straight for just a little while. I tried putting more waypoints close togheter, i tried changing their movement (fast,quick,hunt) but nothing worked, anyway to get around this? has this been reported?
  10. Who is the guy on the right with the sten gun? Looks like british kit to me perhaps SAS or SOE, never seen the shirt thingy tho
  11. May i ask about commandos? will we finally be able to play them?
  12. The file name is "BP1 force-specific background blue", i have exploded it and it contains images which are maps of the frontlines in normandy and holland day by day, im pretty sure they are supposed to be loading images but i cannot get them to work by just putting the file in the Z folder.
  13. What is the mod included in the battle pack 1 extras supposed to do? i've just installed it and nothing happens, loading screens are same as before
  14. Well a command that does the opposite of acquire would be useful to put ammo in the inventory of a vehicle, but i guess thats not easy to accomplish
  15. I have a jeep with a vickers k but out of ammo, next to it a normal jeep carrying 600 rounds of 303, is there a way to transfer that ammo into my vickers k jeep? Also my crew has some 200 rounds of 303 but it's not using them.
  16. I can confirm that im running in the same issue, could have been intended tho.
  17. Well do the devs check this forum? Do you think they will fix it in a patch? Or is there a way to fix it ourselves with a mod?
  18. Well, in the quick battles menu i can choose to buy single vehicles (even in airborne infantry) and i can buy a bren jeep, so why not just replace the vickers jeep with that one? or just add the vickers jeep under the bren jeep in the QB menu? Not to mention that for the money i've paid for this game i expect accuracy
  19. Yes but those aren't paratroopers, actually they're very weird, they have paratrooper equipment (Sten MkVs) but they're dressed like normal soldiers. And im pretty sure vickers jeeps were used by 1st airborne in market garden, to me it should be the other way around, these guys should get the bren jeep and paras should have the vickers... In other words is there any way i can play as paratroopers with these jeeps? with actual paratroopers in them i mean
  20. That's exactly what i did, there is no vickers jeep
  21. I have CMBN with all updates and modules, i wanted to try a quick battle as the 1st airborne using those sweet recce jeeps however in the single vehicles menu i can only see Jeep with bren guns, where are my vickers? those sweet gas operated machineguns? (timeframe is september 1944, so they should be there i hope)
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