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  1. Uh, what is iron mode? I even read most of the CMFB manual, but don't recall seeing anything about iron mode.
  2. So, I bought CM: Final Blitzkrieg last week, and am extremely impressed! The attention to detail, the WEGO, the mission design, the fidelity, etc... It's all outstanding. Had a nail bitingly tense sequence where I was desperately trying to sneak a bazooka team to a nearby house to take out a PIV, the only tank in the entire scenario, to which we had no other answer. Glorious to watch the squad make it to the house under fire, then launch a round at near max range into the tank's side armor that knocked it out. I then took guilty pleasure watching my men gun down the hapless tank crew that aban
  3. I play a lot of wargames, but just discovered this series existed a couple months ago. I downloaded the demo and think it is the right game for me, but I have a couple questions. 1 - How do I change the resolution? I downloaded CM Fortress Italy and was not able to raise the resolution in the settings to even 1080p, much less the 1440 of my monitor. Can the resolution in any of the CM's be raised to 1440 full screen? 2 - Which one should I buy? The games aren't cheap, so I'm probably only buying one base game for now. I'm pretty sure I want a WW2 game as my first one, even though I
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