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  1. The older Gambler did not win today. 1 KingTiger und 3 Sherman zerstort
  2. 3 Shermans make a move under the watchfull eye. 1 KingTiger and one Tiger 1.
  3. Hi I would like to play. Message me im new to PVP so ill paly anything really
  4. Hi i have played alot of single player looking for some PVP Opponents I have BFN all packs, FB, RT PM me if interested Thanks
  5. Maybe I'm expecking to much from the players. I think some FB is a great game ive studied the war alot and I do like to play the Germanys more then US, UK, Russia. These games are not cheap i own CMBFN full pack, CMFB, CMRT. maybe the devs should of added alot more secnarios or add more after realease. They are the experts with the game engine. I think the games would benifit from more small medium size secnarios. More defensive secnarios. I dont use the quick battle option much as i just did not think it worked very well.
  6. Yeah i have used the editor in CM-BFN just to add more units on certian defensive scenarios to make them harder. But i dont have much knowledge on creating a full scenario. Maybe i feel the game is just lacking in contant and im looking for modding to fill the gap. Yeah i bet it is alot of work having a mess around with the Editor my self it. It would be nice to have more defensive missions on the German side. Yeah i know with modding games can take a lot of engery and then put you off playing the game. Hopfully we get it on steam and get new players and m
  7. There is not much contant for this game i wish there was more. Seems its gone a little dead even on this fourm. Maybe if they put it on Steam it will get more players and more attention.
  8. Yeah the PDF is a great work good to see. Yes please do more. Yeah Then and now titles are really good. I would really like to see what pic etc are in Dule in the Mist Vol 1. Shame its so expensive.
  9. Nice i’m looking forward to playing this as the Germans.
  10. Thanks for the links to the youtube vids great find. Nice find with the book I had my eye on that book for a while. I own vol 2 and 3. Battel of the Bulge Then and now, is a great book also https://www.amazon.com/Battle-Bulge-Then-Jean-Paul-Pallud/dp/0900913401/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 Great thread Lt Bull.
  11. Yes two different tanks. Stug and Panther has side hanging plates so not bare like the pic you posted. I am one for learning i would like to see evidence of this happening in WW2. seems the games broken then joke on me :/
  12. Wow what was that post :/ But so many books out there to read and so much knowledge. But the film that started the thread is not bad worth a watch. 1944 looks good also i must get this.
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