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  1. Ok - Thank you - I try calling him best regards Morten
  2. Hi I have received turn XXX005 in a FI PBEM game. Opponent and I have all modules - all updates instaled. I make my turn but the game crashes to desktop when trying to save the XXX006 turn - game crashes during the progress bar.. I did restart the PC, I tried saving without giving any orders, I tried to rename the file name as it contained a Danish letter "ø" - still it crashed. In the same sitting today, I saved just before this one - without problems - an other FI PBEM turn. Any suggestions? Best Regards Morten Copenhagen - Denmark
  3. Great video .... Thank you for sharing. it seems that the map can be printed - that a feature I would like have in an easy way - bouth for set up and during a game. best regards Morten Copenhagen - Denmark
  4. Thank you all for the replies - I have all available slots filled now 🙂 Best regards Morten Lundsteen Copenhagen - Denmark
  5. Hi Let me introduce myself: I have been playing wargames since the early 80´s. Avalon Hill games ( and of course a lot of SL and mainly ASL( I even made a published historical module (Bragging :-))( sort off - read the review) ). After finding CM, that took over gradually - and I have given away all my board games ( I still miss them as reference some times). - Anyways I have a proud record of loosing about 66 to 75 percent of all games in those 40 years - I do tend to roleplay and like my troops to much. But I never will stop learning. So: 1)I have all CM WW2
  6. Thank You C3K I think I found the solution I simply used the mentioned files for each game and all Into menus states that It's running "Game engine 4" so I think all is good. As to your suggestion - Thank you - I have carefully saved all keys on a TXT file placed in a save place in the cloud. Best regards Morten
  7. Hi all I had a PC crash and need to re-install CMBN, CMFI, CMRT and CMFB with all expansions. From the thread above I understand I only need to DL the Upgrade 4 (and all keys) for all games, but when accessing the files under my account I see two Windows Files - I am correct in assuming that both IS needed. Please see screenie attached regarding FI - I Need both the marked - and shall install the " 2 full" first and then the "Upgrade 4"? Thank all in advance. Best regards Morten Lundsteen Denmark
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