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  1. https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/sf87299d40594bc98
  2. Just a heads up, your paratroopers will have not have the correct uniforms in this one .
  3. Tried it with engine 3. Same problem, no HQ
  4. The Troina v2, has a easier 2:n mission, that is the change. Don't think that it came with the latest patch
  5. I'm goning to take a crack at this campaign, looks interessting. I have 2 questions so far. 1. First mission? SPOILER... I followed the instructions but didn't find anyting except the minefield. I don't think I understood the goal of that mission. Also does the "open up" command on bren carriers make them spot better? 2. Second mission. I assume that I'm supposed to setup the artillery before I hit the go-button? But if I do that I can make the size of the cirkels unlimited. What radius am I allowed to set?
  6. The FO's can't call in simultanous missions´╗┐, but when the mission are fire for effect he can call in another. If he have a howitzer FFE at one place, and adjust a completely diffrent asset like a mortar at another place, then why wouldn't the howitzer mission just keep going? It makes no sence that the howitzer, have to adjust to the mortar.
  7. I think you are onto something there! I now fully support this aggressive behaviour
  8. The banzai charge towards the enemy is still a issue. The improvemt seems to be that the troops are a bit more resilient
  9. I have a weird issue with half refresh rate. It only works if I restart my laptop from windows using the restart option. If I turn it off and then on it wont work. So everytime I play a CM title I restart.
  10. My quess is that airbourne HQ saw more action than infantry HQ Yes and I gave him a like for that answer. But thats not the query were discussing now. This is: My quess is that airbourne HQ saw more action than infantry HQ Im actually curious why he thinks that I was wrong there.
  11. I don't know, Winters seems pretty engaged in this assault. He is the Company commander if I recall correctly.
  12. So you dont think a company commander leding an assaulting goup of 10 scatterd men after the drop on d-day, wouldn't be any diffrent than a full size company assault? He would just sit back and not put rounds downrange?
  13. My quess is that airbourne HQ saw more action than infantry HQ
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