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  1. I didn't find anything still. In fact, I can't even find a link to the zip file any more. I'm wondering if these are just interesting files that don't really apply to the game at all.
  2. Hi Guys, Sorry if this has been answered, I did do a search but ddn't find the answer. I bought the BP and got it installed, but I'm not sure what to do with the files in the "extras" zip. Where do I put them? Thanks, Joe
  3. Yeah, except if the odds of bogging go up if you're moving faster. I would think this would be the case.
  4. Hey Guys, thanks so much for the info! 🙂 Ok, so, it sounds like going off the road in this scenario will be slow and risk bogging for vehicles and will be slow and tire infantry units, but it *can* be done. Or, maybe it doesn't make vehicles slower? It also sounds as if you want to find some rocky or hard terrain if you can to avoid bogging as much as possible. I mean, the alternative here is to cruise down the road which you just *know* is sighted and, maybe registered. Damned if you do and damned if you don't I guess. Does that sound about right?
  5. Hey Guys, I'm playing "Sonny Day" scenario and there is wet ground. I'm not really clear on what impact that has on tank/halftrack movement or on infantry for that matter. Do I pretty much have to stick to the roads or can I use the terrain. I would guess if the latter it would be slow with the possibility of getting stuck? Thanks, Joe
  6. Cool, I'll meet you half-way for sure! Oh, sure, when I figure out what the terrain is I can more or less guess at what kind effects it has, but I'm guessing. Also, in a scenario set at day break or night fall, it's *really* hard to tell what you're looking at. So, there are lots of different reasons for wanting to know, Cover/Concealmentm Bogging, effect on infantry movement, effect on artillery blast. I'm certainly not planning tile by tile and, most of the time you have multiple tiles of the same type contiguous anyway. At least in my experience. Never thought t
  7. Man, those are some super cool maps you guys posted. I'm looking at Heirloom's "farm" in the scenario editor and I don't see how you can easily figure out what each tile is. I guess you have to compare each tile aginst the pics on the left and sort of guess. I mean some aren't so hard to figure out, but is it asking too much to just hover or right-click or something so it tells you what it is definitively? And, getting back to what I started with, even if I figure out it's "Grass Y", what the heck does that mean? It would also seem logical that the troops might have an e
  8. Yeah, is it too much to ask for a picture of the tile with the name? That would make it way easier to at least guess at what cover/concealment you might get. Also would be super valuable to know if your vehicles can traverse or have a bogging potential.
  9. Yeah, but that only works IF you have a unit in the tile you're worrying about. If your planning your line of approach when attacking it does you NO good.I like what Michael suggested and I would also suggest that a LOS tool would be useful wherein you could do a point-to-point LOS from the middle to the middle of the tiles. Yes, I know that this doesn't tell you everything if a unit is in the front or the back of a tile, but it would at least give you *some* info. JoMC, true, BUT I would argue that the actual units can see better than we can in the game AND, you're assuming they d
  10. I guess I was looking for something like what was in the first game. It's really useful for the casual players (like me) who only play once in awhile. Even knowing what the different tiles are so that I could identify by looking at a picture would be useful. Now it's sort of a guess.
  11. Well, it's a good idea to put together a map like that. Seems like someone 😉 has probably already done that. I guess I'm remembering the first CM where there was a good description of each terrain and it's cover/concealment effects at a high level and information on whether vehicles can traverse the tile. Hard to believe that something similar doesn't exist for the latest editions....
  12. Hi All, I looked through the manuals (most of them anyway) and didn't find anything that describes the effects of terrain or even how to tell which terrain is which. Does this exist somewhere that I'm missing? Thanks, Jet
  13. Hi Pete, This is super helpful. Boy was I confused. I don't know why I thought there was just one guy. I'll have to use the one I moved to "supply" the infantry as an infantry unit! I love playing this game, just wish I had the time to know it like you guys do! Joe
  14. Gee, I probably should have started a new thread for the mortar team. What I meant is that the ammo bearer has bazooka rounds, M1 ammo, MG ammo and grenades as well as mortar rounds (That's one strong dude!) Not sure why the game would give them that extra ammo (I'm playing the intro campaign in CMFB) if it can only be used by the mortar team that it belongs to. Oh well, not a big deal just good to know there is no reason to move the ammo bearer around to the infantry that's low on ammo.
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