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  1. https://battlefront.sharefile.com/share/view/sf87299d40594bc98
  2. Just a heads up, your paratroopers will have not have the correct uniforms in this one .
  3. Tried it with engine 3. Same problem, no HQ
  4. The Troina v2, has a easier 2:n mission, that is the change. Don't think that it came with the latest patch
  5. I'm goning to take a crack at this campaign, looks interessting. I have 2 questions so far. 1. First mission? SPOILER... I followed the instructions but didn't find anyting except the minefield. I don't think I understood the goal of that mission. Also does the "open up" command on bren carriers make them spot better? 2. Second mission. I assume that I'm supposed to setup the artillery before I hit the go-button? But if I do that I can make the size of the cirkels unlimited. What radius am I allowed to set?
  6. The FO's can't call in simultanous missions´╗┐, but when the mission are fire for effect he can call in another. If he have a howitzer FFE at one place, and adjust a completely diffrent asset like a mortar at another place, then why wouldn't the howitzer mission just keep going? It makes no sence that the howitzer, have to adjust to the mortar.
  7. I think you are onto something there! I now fully support this aggressive behaviour
  8. The banzai charge towards the enemy is still a issue. The improvemt seems to be that the troops are a bit more resilient
  9. I have a weird issue with half refresh rate. It only works if I restart my laptop from windows using the restart option. If I turn it off and then on it wont work. So everytime I play a CM title I restart.
  10. My quess is that airbourne HQ saw more action than infantry HQ Yes and I gave him a like for that answer. But thats not the query were discussing now. This is: My quess is that airbourne HQ saw more action than infantry HQ Im actually curious why he thinks that I was wrong there.
  11. I don't know, Winters seems pretty engaged in this assault. He is the Company commander if I recall correctly.
  12. So you dont think a company commander leding an assaulting goup of 10 scatterd men after the drop on d-day, wouldn't be any diffrent than a full size company assault? He would just sit back and not put rounds downrange?
  13. My quess is that airbourne HQ saw more action than infantry HQ
  14. How close to the action would the Company HQ and the XO teams be in real life? I almost always keep them safe in a building or something like that, but Im guessing in reality they would have to fire their rifles once in a while?
  15. Are you sure about this? I think that if the leader of the FO is killed, nothing can be done about the barrage, even if the rest of the team has a radio
  16. Im trying out diffrent mg42 sounds. In HQS 2 there are 6 soundfiles for the mg42. Why is that? Is "gun 7 lmg" the sound for the mg34? Does a sound mod for CMBN work with all the ww2 tiltles?
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