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  1. Hi, as title says, I'm looking for PBEM opponents - I'm usualy able to take at least a couple of turns a week. Drop me a msg if interested. Tom
  2. Brens are your friend, as are the 51mm mortars, which can give some good suppression. I find the squads fragile too (Especially in mechanized/armoured inf battalions with only 7 in a squad), you have to be a lot more deliberate with your fire and maneuver. Company level assets are fare more important too, a Vickers team can be really helpful. Don't neglect the carriers - a bren gun carrier can be a useful suppression tool, and the carrier platoon are really useful.
  3. I've noticed a few strange things playing CMSF2. Don't get me wrong, it's great, and I think the game plays so much better than it used to regarding soldier behavior, but there are some oddities. Mostly noticed in scimitar light tanks. Playing the 'Warriors in the Sand' campaign. They're not great at reacting to threats. Maybe they haven't noticed them? They don't seem to pop smoke often at all - I had one with RPG rounds peppering around it and clanging off the slats, but they sat schtum. Eventually one got them, and boom. I'd expect to see some serious smoke popping and reversing behavior at this point. Another one was being peppered by high caliber MG fire from a pickup. It was penetrating. Just sat there firing off rounds at the building I'd ordered it to pop some rounds into. I'd like to see a bit more skittish behavior from these lot, they're not tanks and shouldn't sit around soaking up fire in an ambush but move to cover if possible. (Yes, look after them better; not always possible, especially if hit by ambush. They are designed to be mobile and use their mobility to survive though.) I'd expect heavy incoming fire to break pre ordered targeting and for the unit to either engage the higher threat or pop smoke and retreat as quick as possible. I'm sure I've seen this behaviour in light vehicles, maybe its because the game isn't quite sure what the Scimitar is? I'd rather it behave more like a scout car than a tank.
  4. Yes - Highland Games. The final un-updated campaign for SF 2. It's got some great missions in, I'd love to know it's still being worked on...
  5. I think MARS42 is talking about the updated version of the British module campaign, which I'm awaiting too - is it still being worked on?
  6. I wonder whether for CMx3 a slightly more nuanced system is needed; A movement command that just acts to chose the speed of the unit, and a 'state' that you can perform that move in. So you might have 3 'states'; Stop on contact, retreat on contact, engage on contact. If you used a 'walk' move command with the first 'state' you'd have something like current hunt, if you wanted to just peek over a ridge with a vehicle and then pull back asap if you see something, the second would be useful. The third for an assault - or something like clearing woods. How successfully the unit carries out the order would be a matter of the current tiredness/training/experience/suppression as expected. This would seem to increase fidelity without increasing workload too much.
  7. Regarding the barbed wire - are there not different AI plans with different wire placements?
  8. There are OOB issues in (at least) the next two scenarios after this one too; watch out. It's really not good enough when part of a paid for bundle! The map is lovely, though I do agree that the forces you're given are rather low for the amount of enemy encountered - I only managed a tactical defeat in the end, I got the sawmill and the manor house/chateau and ran out of time. The Jellalabad objective is quite large and I didn't notice it went on up into the village which I neglected to clear.
  9. I believe that is false; All the modules are compatible with v4 of the engine. I also think that almost all (and possibly all - I've not checked them all) of the standalone missions have been updated - but I am not quite so sure. The campaigns have been updated with the exception of the Brit campaign which I'm assuming will be completed reasonably soon.
  10. Is ammo sharing only within platoon? Or can Company level assets share ammo?
  11. And presumably a reasonably quick one to fix if one has the campaign files unpacked?
  12. That sounds like my problem; are the troops supposed to be from the previous battle throughout or are they fresh each time? Who designed the scenarios?
  13. I've just completed the second mission - great map btw, loved it and loved the contrast after the huge battle in the 1st. However, I noticed that the platoon in the second mission was missing its HQ unit. When I finished it, the lorried infantry in the 3rd mission are also missing their platoon HQs. Is this deliberate? I'm fairly sure that I didn't lose any platoon HQs in the first mission, and in any case, I'm not sure it's the same regiment. So oversight? Or are all the lieutenants enjoying the local bars whilst they send their troops off to capture Amiens?
  14. That's weird - my game actually looks elsewhere for the files - is there a setting I changed?
  15. Hi, is there any way of changing the folder that CMBN looks in for scenarios, campaigns, saved games etc? I have a new hard drive and I'm hoping that a ssd will speed up loading times for the large files, but can't work out how to move it, Thanks
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