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  1. Reshade is basically a lightweight graphics program you can install to run over a game (almost like Steam Overlay or Fraps) which can change/improve the visuals by adding various graphics filters/post processing effects. It’s relatively simple to install and combined with some of the amazing mods out there can really help to improve Combat Missions visuals quite a bit. My own preset improves the anti aliasing, sharpness, contrast and tones and most importantly for my enjoyment tweaks the colours to make things look a bit more gritty. There’s a good instruction PDF here if you sc
  2. Two man UK sniper team equipped with an AT launcher each, set to hide in an isolated farm far to my left flank. After taking out both tanks they effortlessly picked off the dazed crew trying to crawl away. I think someone has earned a medal in this particular engagement...
  3. In the last year I really enjoyed slowly slogging through the Scottish Corridor campaign in CMBN set during Operation Epsom. I say slog because it’s wet, muddy and the SS you face are tenacious and dug in. But I had an absolute blast even if it can be tough going. I think the campaign maker @Paper Tiger is one of the best, the maps are beautiful and realistic looking and the enemy positions and AI plans keep you on your toes. There’s a nice mix of forces, attack and defence and manageable battle sizes. Adding to my enjoyment of playing the campaign, was watching after each mission to
  4. Happy to help in a small way with a great team effort, and thanks to @kohlenklau for asking me to get involved and being generally enthusiastic 😎
  5. Two missions done in the Highland Games campaign and really enjoying it so thanks again all for the recommendation!
  6. Really enjoying CMSF2, two missions into the Highland Games campaign. After playing CMBN for the last few months fighting and manoeuvring in the desert feels very fast paced and exciting, not to mention how great it feels taking out a tank from across a huge map with a Javelin launcher..
  7. Interesting thought. My other theory was maybe because CM:BN has probably has the most vegetation and I have quite a few mods installed, maybe my performance ‘bubble’ is decreased compared to the other games. I’ll try a fresh unmodded install and see if it expands the tree sway so I have an idea of what is causing it. Thanks for your replies and input regardless! It’s ultimately a minor issue and doesn’t impact my enjoyment of the game.
  8. It’s strange because they sway fine in other titles like SF2 and Fortress Italy, but in CMBN there is barely any movement (and my computer is plenty powerful enough). Maybe I’ll try reinstalling CMBN.
  9. Thanks all, I'll grab those campaigns too, and cheers for reminding me @mjkerner about the campaign extractor, I have that already so a nice option to play around with some individual scenarios. I'll start with some NATO campaigns first and then I guess move to some of the Red V Red ones roleplaying as the situation once the NATO forces start to withdraw. I have to say as someone who has always been really interested in WWII military history (and therefore loved and only focussed on CM WWII titles since the original CM Beyond Overlord demo was released) I finding SF2 a real thrill, everyt
  10. Thanks both, I guess I’ll give Highland Games a go then, and thanks for the tip with regards saving before it splits.
  11. Hi all, Would appreciate if anyone has recommendations on what order to tackle the campaigns in CMSF2 (I guess in terms of difficulty, but also interested if there is a good narrative order as the fictional invasion unfolds). Just to note I'm a long time user of the WW2 titles so I'm familiar and sufficiently advanced with CM gameplay and general planning/combat tactics, but basically new to the modern era titles. After rewatching Restrepo this weekend thought I'd delve in, and have successfully completed the training campaign and a bunch of single scenarios to start to familiarise m
  12. Yes quite a few, but they are interspersed amongst the chapters in paragraphs to help illustrate the various topics being discussed rather than being entire chapter accounts. If you have a kindle it says the kindle version is really cheap, and you can preview it with the ‘look inside’ feature on Amazon so you perhaps can preview a little of it. I really can’t recommend the book enough if you want to really get deep into understanding how things were organised and fought.
  13. I can recommend this account of a platoon commander in the 15th Scottish Infantry Division, it’s quite beautifully written and the experience of Operation Epsom is bleak and harrowing (I picked it up to read after recently completing the Scottish Corridor campaign in CMBN) https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23534415-lion-rampant This is an excellent Sherman Tank commander memoir, what I particularly like is the author goes into Normandy as a green replacement so you get a matching viewpoint as you read along. The audiobook on Audible is really good too. https://www.amazon.co.
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