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  1. I can believe that based on the video. Faster turret even than in the Sherman.
  2. Yes I see it there now. Nice It is interesting that this substantial improvement over the M1944 early is not reflected by the QB price. That's what made me think it was an error.
  3. Yep, it is likely that the video is showing manual operation of the turret. In the meantime I found this video - seems pretty fast from the inside. But it could be a postwar version, I see some Polish text on the inisde. On Wikipedia: T-34-85 Model 1943 - This production model was built from February to March 1944 at Zavod 112, with the 85 mm D-5T gun and a new larger cast three-man turret, a commander's cupola and two dome-shaped ventilators clustered together on top of the turret. Model 1944 - This was a production model built from March 1944 to the end of 1944, with the simpler 85 mm ZiS-S-53 gun. The radio was moved from the hull into the turret and the commander's cupola was moved rearward. There was an improved layout and a new gunner's sight. Model 1945 - This was a production model built in 1944–45, with an electrically powered turret traverse motor, an enlarged commander's cupola with a one-piece hatch, squared front fenders, and the TDP (tankovoy dimoviy pribor) smoke system with electrically detonated MDSh canisters. So it seems that what CMRT calls "Model 1944 Late" is what this wikipedia page calls Model 1945. Looks good to me now
  4. I have just finished some testing of different models of the T-34 and noticed something unusual about the turret traverse rate. T-34-76 has a fast turret - completes a 90 deg turn in about 3.5 seconds T-34-85 M1943, M1944 Early and OT-34-85 have a slow turret, 90 deg in 15.5 seconds. Then, T-34-85 M1944 Late/Latest have a super fast turret again, 3.5 seconds, like the 76. Is the third point an oversight/mistake? Or intentional?
  5. I'd say it was comparable to HE of the same caliber. I only did a bunch of quick tests so no hard data. It was based on an AAR by Nemesis whose troops got massacred by a few U.S. 57mm guns firing AP. Definitely watch out for these.
  6. That would save so much time. Great idea. I spend 2/3 of all time in checking LOS. And it is not exactly the most fun part of the game.
  7. I wish we had this much control But let's not ask too much, just a non-suicidal Hunt command for infantry.
  8. I miss the easy 180-degree arc, too! I normally use this workaround you mentioned but just got lazy this time. It would be so much easier and more natural if I could just press "L".
  9. I imagine it is mainly about setting the suppression threshold meter that will make the unit stop. Need to turn it down again
  10. And since I am in here... I would like to have an LOS tool that is independent of the Target tool, please. Something like the "L" command in CMx1. Otherwise it could work like the one we already have. Two reasons: you can misclick on the ground while checking LOS with the target tool... your unit will area fire the whole turn unarmed units (e.g. trucks, vehicles with damaged weapons) cannot check LOS - and so you can't check if you parked them safely out of sight Both have happened to me in a recent battle, with consequences ranging from bad to disastrous.
  11. No - it's happening without a cover arc. Units taking fire (but not actually having a solid contact) will continue "Hunting" until they get enough suppression - typically until a man gets hit. This makes it impossible to advance cautiously in an area with short visibility. I would like to have an option for the unit to stop the moment they take fire - any fire at all.
  12. Fantastic - yes. I have both CM games installed in Program Files. CMBN keeps these files right there in the game folder, while CMRT covertly created a folder for this stuff in Documents. Thanks everyone! Problem solved.
  13. Thanks - yep I tried that - with different resolutions and refresh rates and now with the ones you suggested - no change. I also tried moving the file to different folders, running the game as administrator, renaming the file ("displaysize.txt", "displaysize", "display size") - I'm out of ideas Note - the first thing was that I simply copied the file from CMBN, where it works just fine... not sure why just CMRT is acting up on me like this...
  14. Easy. If you mean screenshot of the NVidia settings, here it is. They are well tested in CMBN on the same computer and have nothing to do with resolution AFAIK. If you mean an in-game screenshot, well... it will just show the game running in the 3840x2160 resolution I don't want (poor performance) and that I am unable to change other than by changing my Windows desktop resolution:
  15. I have added CMRT in the NVidia control panel - no problems there. With my settings from CMBN, the game works fine once I trick it into launching in the correct resolution. It is just the "display size.txt" that is not working as expected.
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