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  1. That would save so much time. Great idea. I spend 2/3 of all time in checking LOS. And it is not exactly the most fun part of the game.
  2. I wish we had this much control But let's not ask too much, just a non-suicidal Hunt command for infantry.
  3. I miss the easy 180-degree arc, too! I normally use this workaround you mentioned but just got lazy this time. It would be so much easier and more natural if I could just press "L".
  4. I imagine it is mainly about setting the suppression threshold meter that will make the unit stop. Need to turn it down again
  5. And since I am in here... I would like to have an LOS tool that is independent of the Target tool, please. Something like the "L" command in CMx1. Otherwise it could work like the one we already have. Two reasons: you can misclick on the ground while checking LOS with the target tool... your unit will area fire the whole turn unarmed units (e.g. trucks, vehicles with damaged weapons) cannot check LOS - and so you can't check if you parked them safely out of sight Both have happened to me in a recent battle, with consequences ranging from bad to disastrous.
  6. No - it's happening without a cover arc. Units taking fire (but not actually having a solid contact) will continue "Hunting" until they get enough suppression - typically until a man gets hit. This makes it impossible to advance cautiously in an area with short visibility. I would like to have an option for the unit to stop the moment they take fire - any fire at all.
  7. Fantastic - yes. I have both CM games installed in Program Files. CMBN keeps these files right there in the game folder, while CMRT covertly created a folder for this stuff in Documents. Thanks everyone! Problem solved.
  8. Thanks - yep I tried that - with different resolutions and refresh rates and now with the ones you suggested - no change. I also tried moving the file to different folders, running the game as administrator, renaming the file ("displaysize.txt", "displaysize", "display size") - I'm out of ideas Note - the first thing was that I simply copied the file from CMBN, where it works just fine... not sure why just CMRT is acting up on me like this...
  9. Easy. If you mean screenshot of the NVidia settings, here it is. They are well tested in CMBN on the same computer and have nothing to do with resolution AFAIK. If you mean an in-game screenshot, well... it will just show the game running in the 3840x2160 resolution I don't want (poor performance) and that I am unable to change other than by changing my Windows desktop resolution:
  10. I have added CMRT in the NVidia control panel - no problems there. With my settings from CMBN, the game works fine once I trick it into launching in the correct resolution. It is just the "display size.txt" that is not working as expected.
  11. I installed Red Thunder - first time install on this computer - straight from the Fire & Rubble preorder link, v2.10, and activated all content (base game 3.0, upgrade to 4.0, and F&R). I carefully transferred my NVidia control panel settings from CMBN to CMRT and copied the "display size.txt" file from CMBN to CMRT: Battlefront/Combat Mission Red Thunder/display size.txt Inside, the file says: 2560 1440 60 which works well for me in CMBN. However, CMRT ignores this file. It defaults to desktop resolution, which is 3840x2160. Changing the resolution in the file does not change the resolution in game. On the other hand, when I change my desktop resolution, CMRT will start up in that resolution. Unlike CMBN, CMRT does not offer me the new 2560x1440 resolution in Options. So, CMRT is sticking to my desktop resolution no matter what the "display size.txt" file says, or whether the file is there at all. Does the file have a different name or location in CMRT than in CMBN? Is it supposed to work at all or is there some other way in CMRT to control screen resolution? i5-9400F 2.90Ghz, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1660, Win 10 64bit Thanks!
  12. Yes - that was the main point of the test. No, both vehicles were stationary, so this test does not have any implications related to what you guys discussed after this post. I agree with @Lethaface that TRP effect is retained even when the unit using it has moved - I made the same observations. And I agree with @Bulletpoint that it shouldn't be this way (you may be confusing this with CMx1 where it worked just the way you said).
  13. Valid questions, but rather difficult to test with my setup. This is my speculation of how things probably work: The unit's "capacity to remember" is infinite - what enemy icons you see when clicking on the unit is its picture of the battlefield What matters is that your unit is aware of the enemy unit's existence - either first hand or via C2. It does not matter if its location is not current The age/"transparency" of the contact may have an effect on how easily the enemy unit can be spotted. Again, this is my guess. Only the second point is backed up by the tests. 300 m was the maximum I could achieve without rebuilding the setup. I think the real limit is infinity.
  14. Thanks @KGBoy, good idea. I intend to keep the download link alive for as long as it is relevant (Engine 5.0, hmm...?)
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