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  1. Really super work, very well done indeed Sir.
  2. John has nailed it, good job (can't be bothered to type more)
  3. With no Twitch feed yesterday I suspect that this might signpost a release this week. Ever hopeful.
  4. As always, very well written with your experience and knowledge shining through. I eagerly await the next installment.
  5. That's why I'm going to use Aris's terrain mod from RT
  6. Let me know when the Kindle edition is available. Best seller!
  7. Very well done, thanks so much for taking the time and sharing this.
  8. Thanks for the update Chris, fully appreciate the reasons.
  9. I'm experiencing this in Single player, loading screen and turn change as well.
  10. Please keep up the story. most enjoyable and educational at the same time.
  11. Well I'm not so sure. Those BMP3's are really scary. Great and exciting AAR by the way, I keep on checking for updates.
  12. Yes it's special version of "Three" pronounced as "Tree" to make sure there is no misunderstanding. Fife is another.
  13. Pnzldr, I think the "ayes" have it, a super piece of background.
  14. Sounds like Hertfordshire roads in the UK!!
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