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  1. Excellent news thanks. Really like the idea of the "Battle Pack" for CMBN. So it's looking promising again and the anticipation of a new title is exquisitely exciting.
  2. Go for Veins CW uniform MOD. No Scottish voice mods as far as I'm aware.
  3. Welcome aboard. Excellent advice above. ChrisND on you tube is worth viewing for a practical demonstration of unit control. https://www.youtube.com/user/NormalDude1066
  4. About a third of the way through and this is a Tour De Force George. Very well done and absolutely atmospheric. Thanks for your work on this. Verulam.
  5. Absolutely fascinating, well done for posting this.
  6. Thanks for this, very entertaining. I've only played the attacker so far and was less than aggressive which served me right. Well done mate and many thanks.
  7. Very impressed. Really looking forward to this. On another note which sound mods was used please?
  8. Downloaded and played the scenario, very well done , thanks for doing this. A very good battle.
  9. Wow I want it now. Seriously, thanks for the super work you do.
  10. I would agree, the second. It has a certain sharpness.
  11. Top stuff as usual. Thanks for taking the time to do this work.
  12. Solved! Actually removing the cam file from the folder and placing directly in the cam folder. Doh not a mistake I usually make. Anyway awesome campaign. Appreciate the swift reply.
  13. Compost heaps are a nightmare on FLIR.
  14. Thanks for this,but the file is not showing up in the campaigns folder. Installed correctly to a patched engine 3 and 1.03 patch. Any ideas please?
  15. FlIR does not like tree cover at all. FLIR does not like water and will not see through it, yet!. Trees and leaves being mostly water, well there you are. I've used Airborne FLIR from it's inceptions up until 2003. Obviously it is most effective in Winter. However there are probably systems out there now which can do more. I saw one such where you could see into a vehicle and through flesh.
  16. Incredible work, very well done, much appreciated.
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