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  1. I like the verb NCOing! Going back to topic, in a cm scenario, if i want to scatter my infantry company and let a platoon go somewhere else, if i send my xo with them does he help communication links and/or morale?
  2. Thank you Kieme, fantastic work! so i assume i should order my abrams to give the precedence at your crossroads, right?
  3. i played a QB on the map Village-Water (560 x 912) 122 Attack, as the attacker, and the occupt objective was just the perimeter of the village. is it a mapper decision or an aesthetics feature where the center of the objective is natural instead of yellow?
  4. my first wish is coop missions, but i think that this should need a whole new game engine, so i'm hoping for irregulars. Maybe this cold be an introduction for the winter: let's say, after august cease fire, in winter (that means snow and ice) irregular formations would start an asymmetric war against occupying forces (that means snow camo for men and vehicles)
  5. I said that it would be here for the weekend! I'm absolutely magic!
  6. I hope we can play this for the weekend. In the meaning time i'll let my pixel-marines run around the desert delivering death and destruction
  7. in Italy most of the people says "guerra di secessione americana", litterally american secession war
  8. Really helpful manual! In the formations encyclopedia, under the us engineer battalion i found "we hope to expand on engineers equipment on a future release" That looks interesting, can we have any more secifications?
  9. this thread is NOT a question from battlefront.com and it doesn't influence developers choices, i just wanted to know what others people thinks RULE: on the second question don't choose your country because if everyone does it the thread would be "where do you come from?" i personnally chose France because i would like to see Leclerc tanks! sorry for my bad english, but i'm an italian high school student
  10. We really need a north africa title! Big plains and tank battles CMx2
  11. Anyone knows wich uniforms us soldiers will wear? Hopefully not ACUs, they would be hugly in ucranian plains. Maybe Scorpion w2 that would be in service by 2018, or MultiCam?
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