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  1. I might add that I have followed the shortcut creation route that also has been unsuccessful. There have been no anti- virus issues that I have noticed either.
  2. I've had all CM products running fine on my old Windows 7 desk top. Well that machine has finally broken so I'm now using a brand new gaming laptop with windows 10. Try as I might I cannot find the Activate new products short cut anywhere in the file folders. Totally confused now. I could when it was win 7 Is it windows 10?. Any help would be grateful
  3. I've emailed you, did you get it? Sorry I did mean FB.
  4. Yep the same problem. Can we have some clear instructions please?
  5. You sure about this Mate. Most of them show ISIS carrying out attacks. Kind of good propaganda for these people isn't it ?
  6. Beautiful work, first rate work, really appreciate your efforts.
  7. Hi Dragonwynn, Is it too late to get involved? I have been paying too much attention the FB. I would welcome the chance to get my teeth into this campaign. Cheers Verulam.
  8. Thanks for all your hard work. Super scenarios, well done.
  9. I can only thank you for such super work. Really appreciated.
  10. Will the patch be on Commods? I don't like the other site asking for too many other programmes to be downloaded.
  11. Perfect, a super job of the skies. I keep F5 ing to see if it released!
  12. I really appreciate your hard work. The aesthetics are so important/
  13. I'm hearing that this is a Winzip and Winraar issue. Another post recommends Banzip.
  14. The quality of the uniforms is first rate, half way through "A muddy affair", nail biting!! Well done all.
  15. I've just tried my third download and hey presto it's all OK now. Obviously a corruption somewhere The new UI is interesting though but I'm not complaining. Thanks Ian for the reply.
  16. Tried three scenarios so far "A muddy Affair, No mercy and A December Morning", there is no US Armour visible apart from the crews sitting on the ground. German armor is present but all US tanks / vehicles appear to be missing. It's not a graphic issue. The figures are all superimposed on top of each other. Even more odd is an updated juju style UI now in place which I did not install.
  17. Thanks for this. With a bit of trial and error I've discovered it will run if downloaded and Unzipped directly into Desktop, It's an issue with the latest version of winzip I believe. However up and running now thanks.
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