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  1. On download file error 206, file name too long. The actual file name has picked up all previous CM titles in the same directory. Where should I be unzipping this?
  2. In trying to install the programme asks for a disk insertion!! Wait sorted disregard
  3. Just pre-ordered successfully. On Window 7.
  4. Definition:" A small piece of tasty food or a juicy piece of gossip or information".
  5. I've noticed that the posts are dropping off now. Hard to keep the interests up when comms are absent. Even a little tit-bit would be appreciated.
  6. Installed the pack as directed, ran it, the programme did not ask for a key, which I thought was strange. 3.12 installed no problem, but the battles scenarios are repeated as Hobarts Funnies turns up twice , as do the UK/Us airborne battles. but as another scenario. So confused by this, am I missing something here? Any comments would be welcome. Lorries don't now hold Piats.
  7. More like an Eton Mess old thing. I don't mean the current UK government.
  8. Blooming heck you like to live dangerously!
  9. Yes Comms need to be better, this is edging towards the ridiculous. Anyway the "Game that shall not be named" is nearing release on another hosting platform.
  10. No, no issues at all apart for the ultra quiet on FB.
  11. I think that we are nearing the stage when another "Bone" should be thrown in our direction.
  12. Well Chris ND is really into XCOM 2 according to his TWITTER feed, so he's obviously got time to devote to that!! Only kidding though you can have too much of a good thing.
  13. Thanks for your hard work, super piece of work
  14. One hopes it is not going to an eight week lead up after the official announcement. At this rate the taxman will have all my money before I can spend it on FB.
  15. Thanks for the updates, I can now relax and and stop haunting the site.
  16. Thanks for this just finished the first mission, very well done.
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