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  1. Oh yes it's there. I've checked in the specialist sections of infantry units in QB.
  2. Thanks for this. Installed with no problems.
  3. Yes I've seen this as well, but didn't want to get slapped down again.
  4. Very enlightening thanks for that. This will look good in game.
  5. Yes they could try a small harbour called Balaclava, which is within excellent striking distance of Sevastopol. Hang on, hasn't this been done before?
  6. Yes it was very thought provoking although the Ukraine is now on our borders. Still it depends if the UK leaves the EU as seems likely now in the current climate. We are on the cusp of big changes.
  7. I've tried various scenarios with the new vehicle pack and each time a Mark IV Late shows up as a German ant-tank bunker. Very odd. To see them moving around is quite unsettling. Possible bug?
  8. That explains why I've never had a decent pot of tea over the pond.
  9. I sense some really super mods coming.
  10. The British public and Parliament will never get involved in another foreign adventure.
  11. Well done, a super end of year surprise. Just Pre-ordered
  12. http://www.polygon.com/2014/10/23/7052023/game-predicted-war-in-syria-and-ukraine This may explain one or two things then.
  13. Yes we were at Duxford when they made a joint flypast. It made the hairs stand up on the back of the neck. The engine sounds, wow.
  14. Download process is really confusing. Keep entering the 3.0 serial and get invalid number. What on earth are you supposed to do the manual just makes it worse.
  15. Many thanks Vein, great work, thanks for the links. Paul
  16. Those infantry mods look outstanding. I will be using those. Thanks EZ for the work you do for the community.
  17. Will, I'll have another crack at this. Just to say our hearts go out to you for the loss your country has suffered.
  18. A total blood bath. I managed a drawer. Probably the best defensive scenario I have played in all the guises of CM.
  19. Well I'm impressed this plays out very well. Great atmosphere and an excellent map. Thank you for your time and effort in making this exciting scenario.
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