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  1. I did a test once, long ago - maybe when FTs first arrived in the game, and had an FT team fire at a tank for a long time and it never did any damage. So if it is possible at all now that is a difference.
  2. I've seen a lot of item 3 with MGs. Some places (buildings) they just will not deploy. The excuses given for why that happens are unconvincing.
  3. Ditto the others, help desk service with BF has always been top notch.
  4. Looking for an opponent for any of the WW2 titles. I have all the modules except the Battlepack for Normandy and Rome to Victory (but was planning on buying the latter anyway). Medium or smaller scenarios preferred. I could do a quick battle as well but am not familiar with the informal rules (like no arty on first turn or so). I also have CMSF2 and would play it later on EDIT - If schedules work out I get a turn a day in (missing a couple days a week, so 5 a week). Otherwise every other day (I am online for gaming roughly from 5 to 7 each day US Eastern time)
  5. Part of this is the size of most CM battlefields, far too small to allow the flanking maneuvers that allied crews went for and another I have often seen is that allied tanks will stop while still in the front arc of a German tank and fire when they could have kept going a short distance further and gotten side shots. I nearly put my fist through the monitor every time I see that happen. With an inexperienced crew sure but an experienced crew would know better.
  6. I play ASL (more often than CM at this point), Lock N Load Tactical, and Panzer/MBT. As for why, I like knowing the rules of the simulation and the mental challenge of remembering and applying the rules.
  7. I don't want to be bothered keeping track of mods or going through any hassle downloading and installing them. The game(s) are great as is for me. CM1 I did download tons of mods since they did make a big difference to me.
  8. Unless something has changed - although it is turn based you can't replay each turn over and over like you could with the old Combat Mission. You get to watch it once and then enter orders for next turn. Has that changed?
  9. You told the vehicle to go through terrain it can possibly traverse. Granted it might get stuck but there are times you need the tank to go through the vineyard and not being able to would be annoying, to say the least.
  10. I use a 4K 49" TV 3' away and generally leave it at 2560x1440 instead of the higher resolution. For general usage the text is too small at the higher resolution and the text magnification feature does not work properly with enough software that I don't want to use it if I don't have to. I think the CM titles are included in that - the interface bar at the bottom being too small in the higher resolution. That may have been updated in a patch over the last couple years but I wouldn't know since I don't even try the higher resolution any longer.
  11. Is the "rout toward enemy" issue fixed? Or was that just in some very limited circumstances? (not being snarky, I don't play CM:N much since I hate hedgerows any old way)
  12. Pick up the free demo for whichever game you are looking to purchase. That will either convince you the game is for you, or not.
  13. A large part of that is when the Russians used tanks they used them in mass. So any poor slob going up against a T34 was usually going up against a lot of them.
  14. It usually works due to the short distance that needs to be traveled to contact in most scenarios and there being only a single line of the enemy to deal with. In those cases I usually fast move to contact but in scenarios with a LOOONG way to go I walk them most of the time.
  15. I have noticed that fast moving vehicles turn more haphazardly. So in a town or such moving at move is better then moving at fast, they appear to make the turns better.
  16. Yes, it would have limited application but where it helps it would really help. The mind numbing tedium of plotting through a long jagged road in woods or other bogging terrain with lots of vehicles comes to mind.
  17. First move to where the copy move is being copied from and then copy all move commands after that.
  18. The tank moves to the point where the copy is done and then literally copies the existing movement commands from the other unit. Tank A has 5 movement commands, tank B plots a move on to the existing tank A spot and a popup asks if tank B will copy tank A, if yes is chosen Tank B is given the same plot points as A. The final plotted point may need to be modified or both tanks would try to stop in the same spot but if plotting a column through a wooded road it would not require plotting 10 to 20 points per tank.
  19. Just had a thought. The follow command was too complicated to implement but how about a copy command. When putting down a move order and clicking on an existing vehicle the option to copy it's move command from that point on pops up. This would make plotting multiple units through a jagged road much easier and only the order entry code would need modified.
  20. Download one of the demos. That will either have you salivating for the full game or let you know it is not for you.
  21. Same as 76mm, it can use a higher resolution but it keeps the square layout no matter what I choose. Being able to use the screen real estate (minues the borders) was nice but the graphics were too primitive for me to stick to it.
  22. I might have to try the dx utility. If I can run in in a higher resolution then the listed ones it might be worth it.
  23. The AI in the game is atrocious and there is no reasonable online or pbem possible with it. Hot Seat is really the only option.
  24. Back to RT instead of WEGO. No WEGO means IGO. They tried RT only (pretty much since WEGO was a gigantic mess) when the original SF came out and they figured out pretty quickly that RT was not their bread and butter (or they would not have invested so much work into improving WEGO)
  25. Sorry to pop in and post something without reading the thread to date but I'm reading "Armageddon in Stalingrad" by David Glantz and it is chock full of orders that are given to various size units in Stalingrad on a near daily basis and what results they actually achieved (a previous book detailed the drive to Stalingrad). It went from going miles in the drive to Stalingrad down to trying to take a single block by the end of the battle. The Russian plans were often nothing more then flights of fancy. It is dry (Sahara Desert dry) reading for the most part but an excellent reference.
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