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  1. While a long-time CM fan (I started on the first CM demo in ~2000), I'm trying to bring combined arms tactics to games like paintball or airsoft. Below you can see a short video of proper 37 mm AT gun placement, camouflage and the destruction on enemy technical (with HMG). What is still lacking are WWII armored cars (or their replicas) on themed games. We are working to overcome that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qThR49aylNs
  2. Hi all, I thought that my Macbook 12" with Core m7 will run CMFB, albeit not on max settings of course. I have activated the app successfully, but then it will not launch, jumps once in the Dock and quits itself. Graphics card (HD 515) should not be an issue as this engine shall be running even on much older HD4000. Is the processor the problem? It is certainly faster then the minimal 2.2 C2D, only the base clock speed is slower. Or am I missing something else? Thanks, Sedak
  3. Hi. Few days ago I read a great article from famous Czech historian Jiri Rajlich (focused on WWII) regarding Lend-Lease and it's impact on Soviet Union. All with numbers and nice information. I'm away next four days, but I'd like to translate it and post here. Without Lend-Lease, USSR may not necessarily lose the war, but the should be very lucky to be on eastern Ukraine in summer 1945... The amount of trucks, clothes, food, steel and other stuff was enormous! They could build 80k T-34 tanks from US steel if they used it just for that.
  4. Keep such screenshots coming, Umlaut! Do vehicles have difficulty to navigate in such heavy urban terrain?
  5. I'm wondering why Germans didn't make Tiger I frontal armor thicker in later variants. 130 mm in front could save them (us) a lot of trouble from US 76mm and Soviet 85mm guns.
  6. Hi I noticed that when the German infantry in mounted on Sonder Kraftzeug, their heads are popping up. When I run even by accident too close to russian infantry with plenty of automatic weapons, they open fire and achieve many "head shots". I know from personal experience that german halftrack is surprisingly small. But there is still some room for infanty to shring so their heads are not above vehicle's surface in emergency. Could this be (easily) coded? I would do exactly this being a soldier Soviet SMGs cannot penetrate HT armor and it would save me few pixeltruppen by realistic way.
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