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  1. Nah, everybody knows that trick these days. If you want to protect your infantry you should actually put them INTO the fortifications :).
  2. The name of the map is: Holland Oosterbeek City Meet 016. Here is the link to the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fprlji58fydr1l8/sherman.ema?dl=0 pass: jar However the file itself does not help much as it is the order execution phase and the problem consists in the tank actually NOT executing move orders. So it just sits there the whole turn even though it has move orders assigned previously..
  3. In my current PBEM battle I came across a following situation. While maneuvering my Sherman along the city streets it suddenly became stuck clipping partially with a building wall (see picture). It is not immobilized or something however it ignores all movement orders turn after turn. I remember a similar situation in my previous PBEM where my tank got stuck while attempting to cross a hole blasted in the bocage. Is that a sort of bug and is there any remedy in such situation to have the tank moving again?
  4. Thx Ken. Unfortunately I have my CM Helper erase my past files and I have only the latest one.. But I think this bug is relatively easy to reproduce, at least it occurs in my PBEM games every now and then. Ithikial thank you for your suggestion. Indeed I might have given my both squads a direct move and embark order without any additional movement waypoints. Giving a waypoint next to the vehicle can definitely be a good workaround solution. Many thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread!
  5. I know this had been discussed before but somehow I cannot find the thread using the search tool. In my current PBEM game I have simulatneously two instances of the one-squad-member-running-away-while-embarking-vehicle bug. It is very annoying as I desperately need those squads on the frontline. However all but one have embarked, the one is running away and the squad icon is greyed out. Is there anything I could do to make the guy come back or do something to prevent such behaviour in the future. I am aware this is a known problem and actually I was thinking it had been rectified in one of th
  6. Well I am not so sure. According to Chris's preliminary info no imortant changes/improvements to the gameplay will be introduced. The screenshots provided look no better than something you could achieve by a decent modding work basing on existing vehicles/terrain (e.g. kohlenklaus excellent mod). And here people are already wetting their pants because a couple of vehicles will be added in the new/separate/full priced release. Yeah and of course the 2 campaigns, some scenarios and new OOB. Well, CM is my favorite game title and I hardly play anything else, but if things remain as they are now i
  7. Does anybody know if there is a 1.03 version of this excellent mod available somewhere?
  8. Well done Macisle!! Thanks! Although could look even more realistic with the red crosses turned off..
  9. Thanks Phil for the update. Hopefully you manage to sort it out soon..
  10. As Martyr said. See tech forum for details. The games work fine for some turns but eventually fail.. Here: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=117829
  11. Is that a provocation ? PBEM as well as save games in SP are NOT working after 1.02. By now there has been no official statement from BF regarding this major problem. It makes the game pretty much unplayable. Or not? I can't believe there is so quiet about this on the forums apart a single thread in the tech section..
  12. Don't distract them now guys Better they fix the failing PBEM issue after the latest patch.. Maybe when they work on one problem at a time the results will be better..
  13. Haha. Agree. The only thing that comes to my mind while watching this clip is World of Tanks .
  14. Nice new units indeed, but there will be no new campaigns nor scenarios nor any other additional content in the pack if i have understood correctly. And the price will be 20 bucks? Well, I know, I know the purchase is not obligatory but.. Does the amount of work needed for creation of a handful of units justify charging more than 1/3 of a price of a full game?? Just wonderin'..
  15. This footage comes from the series "Four tank-men and a dog" which was made in the late 60ties, and has become a cult TV production of all times in Poland. When I was a boy in early 80ties I knew all the episodes almost by heart as did my classmates. In these dark years that was one of the few war movies to watch in polish TV. The series was full of communist propaganda, praised the polish-soviet friendship, and falsified historical facts. Germans were presented as utter fools and halfwits, who succumbed in masses to the victorious red army. Nevertheless there is some nice footage
  16. Here you are: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ymgukvfa8m2o86b/PTRD.jpg In the situation pictured above the soldier actually shot and scored a penetration in a halftrack..
  17. Was PTRD shoulder fired at all IRL? Never seen evidence confirming this.. Weapon length is 2m and weight about 15 kgs after all..
  18. Aris terrain mod contains grid line mod. http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5181/details
  19. Don't worry it is a known bug. The line plots from the tank's position, but in fact it shows LOS from the last waypoint. So it is working properly.
  20. I have a strange issue with the SdKfz 251 mod. When I am looking at the side of the hull from the larger distance it shows one version of the markings (number). When I move the camera closer it changes to another version (different number). As if there were two versions of hull mod showed depending on the distance of the camera. What could be the reason for this?
  21. Bil in your instructions you say that both partial and full hull down "are acceptable" which suggests that they are equal. Vanir was testing the hull down positions extensively in the latest engine version of CMBN and AFAIR he found some differences between full and partial hull down. There was also some tweaking done to hull down in v. 3.0 according to Steve. Does anybody know what are currently (v3.0) the differences between full and partial hull down (regarding spotting, chances of being spotted and being hit)?
  22. Great job Juju! When will it be available for download?
  23. Wow that new beta version looks really great! All games neatly listed on one screen. Excellent job GAJ!
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