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  1. A few oddities I noticed with availability of formations: - British Army has access to 2 battleships and heavy cruiser for artillery support from 7/43 through 12/43. The Canadian Army has access to 2 battleships and 1 heavy cruiser from 12/43 through 2/45 (when the Canadians go away). Is that correct? - Waffen SS Artillery, Air Support and Fortifications are available 7/43, 8/43, 11/43, 12/43 and 5/44 even though no formations from the Infantry and Armored Infantry are available. No Waffen SS troops are available 1/45, 2/45, 3/45. Shouldn't the earlier dates (7/43, 8/43, 11/43, 1
  2. I think he means the one on the Few Good Men. All I get when I try to access their website is I do not have permission to access it. (403 Forbidden) https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/
  3. Should the French Army in November 1943 have P-51Ds and P-47Ds? (this is in the editor) The US Army doesn't have those...looks like it continues into December 1943, January 1944, etc. until they leave in July 1944.
  4. I don't see this issue on other Shermans in CMBN. Commander is a tad bit too high in the seat.... :).
  5. When I tried to install it, I had the same issue noted before. I think what is happening is if you have the game installed somewhere else, it recreates the main folder. For example, my game is installed in C:\Games\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg. I pointed the installer to this directory and then I had the following after install: C:\Games\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg\Combat Mission Final Blitzkrieg. Just point it to C:\Games.
  6. Is it me or does the right side wheel of the trailer for the Sherman Churchill Crocodile turn the wrong way when moving forward and backward? Edit: Should be Churchill Crocodile
  7. Will this Big Mutha install set up the incoming/outgoing files just like RT and FI? Under the My Documents folder?
  8. Like this one in our current battle??? (sorry for the hijacking.....nothing to see here.....)
  9. So what? I pre-order all the CM stuff. I just summed up the total I've spent with them since 2009 and it was less than $500 US. The amount of time and enjoyment I've gotten out of this $100 a year, $8.33 month, $0.37 a day is a good value. I doubt you can find much better value out there.
  10. Just open your order email, log in, and start downloading.
  11. Can mortars now be fired from halftracks? I didn't see the standard "mortars cannot be fired....".
  12. Hello, My first attempt at a mod for CMBN. I used (mostly) the symbols from the Handbook of German Military Symbols & Abbreviations 1943-1945 for this mod. Please let me know any/all improvements for this. And be gentle.... http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5143/details http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5143?view_type=preview
  13. Not likely. Steve was just stating facts based on 15 years of data. He never said it would be out 4-8 weeks after the announcement. It is 4-8 business weeks.....which means 28-56 business days. We still have awhile to wait.....
  14. Which one did you get? I've had this one for about 10 years. http://www.benchmade.com/products/732
  15. Not to be off topic...where did you get those floating icons?
  16. Very soon is right now.....there will be MG this weekend. You may want to check your (old) preorder emails...........to see if certain links appear to be working.....
  17. I believe this is what the issue is: Normal mode Movie mode Notice the jagged edges on the tank above the top of the tracks and cannon barrel, the scout car along the side, and on the tree trunks in movie mode.
  18. It appears the floating icon for the German Infantry gun is using the AT gun. Is this right? There is a separate icon that is available for IGs.
  19. Yeah, right . Just try to stop us fools ..........and take my money already;)
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