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  1. A few oddities I noticed with availability of formations: - British Army has access to 2 battleships and heavy cruiser for artillery support from 7/43 through 12/43. The Canadian Army has access to 2 battleships and 1 heavy cruiser from 12/43 through 2/45 (when the Canadians go away). Is that correct? - Waffen SS Artillery, Air Support and Fortifications are available 7/43, 8/43, 11/43, 12/43 and 5/44 even though no formations from the Infantry and Armored Infantry are available. No Waffen SS troops are available 1/45, 2/45, 3/45. Shouldn't the earlier dates (7/43, 8/43, 11/43, 1
  2. I think he means the one on the Few Good Men. All I get when I try to access their website is I do not have permission to access it. (403 Forbidden) https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/
  3. Should the French Army in November 1943 have P-51Ds and P-47Ds? (this is in the editor) The US Army doesn't have those...looks like it continues into December 1943, January 1944, etc. until they leave in July 1944.
  4. Thank you very much. Your work is excellent and I hope you find time in the future to keep this up. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.
  5. Great work. One question. Are the Panther A Early and Late going to get the Version 2 treatment?
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