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Found 5 results

  1. BF appears to have bug tested the game into oblivion, but i'm still just going to start collecting things. Gebirgjager infantry formation is missing in QBs (scouts an engineers are there for the gebirgs thou) Stug (lastest) appears in the manual but not the game StuH (lastest) also has same issue Flammpanzer III has incorrect number of crew (at least from my readings)
  2. Okay. Came back to normandy after a couple of years off. playing campaign. My troops are nice and safe at the top of a reverse slope. Letting them sit there and gain fire superiority while I circle other troops around flank. All of a sudden - no orders given - when the enemy fires in their direction they charge the enemy machine gun. They stop about 10 yards away but most are cut down. Wanted to see if it's the campaign so I played a smaller scenario. About 10 minutes in, my troops are safety behind concrete wall while I lay down machine gun fire from another spot and circle t
  3. Might be doing something wrong as I just returned to game after hiatus but at times I have infantry hide behind buildings and they run out into the open to be massacred. I put inf safely in buildings and they all of a sudden run out into the street to be shot. I have infantry assault a building with a door on their side that is blocked from fir and they run around the building to the other door in and into massive fire. Also at first contact, rather then take fire positions or cover they just turn and run, exposing them to a variety of fires. These are veteran through green infa
  4. Hello, just like to say identified an annoying bug. I know this may effect some people and not others but thought it worth mentioning. being playing a huge battle on wyntetgrens 3 rivers bend map. We have about 23000 pts on the board and the first game still loaded,up and worked well. the oppo was then keen for the mirror - so I set up the same except I set to iron instead of elite. Now all works fine untill you deploy forces - which know has massive lag - so bad it's pretty much unworkable. did loads of,testing to get to this Conclusion. Seems setting to iron has this effect. I have downloade
  5. I completed the scenario August morning with no casualties and 14 minutes left on the clock. I exited all troops and now the clock keeps ticking. Does it require the full time to met or is the victory conditions bugged. I destroyed 1 ags 30 pos, Observer Pos, PKM or RPK cant Remember and a recon element in the buildings near cp. I touched all green zone objectives and exited troops. Are scenarios based on a timer? or do they have ObJective complete options? Small bug dont need an acheivement to know I kicked ass and brought the guys home but might need some dev TLC if this is a issue in numero
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