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  1. Urban battles seem to be much more fun and settle with the game better (timeframe) ,at least to me. somehow,specially if you are playing the maps where there are few ww2 buildings and lots of tall new buildings ,it brings new atmosphere ,different from the ww2 one those stripes on the road or lines are also a huge flavor/immersion factor imo (representing world in 2000+ ad) it throws you into the world of today where 'fancy' new stuff and sounds of aircraft immerse you into the differnt kind of war use of engineers or tanks to blow up the walls (tunguska aswell) also comes to mind destruction of town (or picture after the battle) is also much more appealing must admit that i appreciate BS more than before,cos i started playing urban maps Tldr or suggestion : Play urban maps more (pbem or multiplayer generally), its fun too bad there are no civilians,but ok,i guess world is not perfect
  2. like moving shadows on the houses/bocages when moving camera? i have that on nvidia card aswell
  3. just realised. why is there no blood in cmx2? wouldnt it be a good idea to add it? Gore aswell, gore would be even better i know , or i guess that x2 engine is limited and all that stuff,but its not something uber crazy when tiger fires and hits soldiers,there can be 0.2 seconds of nothing and then bam legs and arms go into air or just appear somewhere near it would add to the atmosphere, now it doesnt need to be gory as hell but still.. and it would be really good bang for back feature
  4. What I can say is we're focusing this Upgrade on long standing requests. I can think of one that was first suggested sometime around 1998. Steve must be wego with replay and lobby
  5. even if i was serious,even if, i dont need fake moralists to teach me lessons or sort of demand appology. how many times,when you see a homeless guy do you actually think about them? do you throw them 1 dollar? 0.1% of your income and feel good? nah , but you are more than willing to throw some humanism on the forums,from the confort of your chair i am getting tired of ' good loving, normal' people i think your ability for detecting jokes or if nothing, not serious posts, is badly damaged, i suggest that you look into it edit: lets not go off topic, i already got 2 warrning points for not being a good loving person
  6. just had a real time cmBS urban small battle, i was russian and opponnet was american. whata disaster was that t90Am waiting for abrams to arrive and hit him in his side armour, waiting for 1 minute,bam, abrams comes rotates in 0.1 seconds and blows up t90am 2nd scene: 4 americans slaughter half the platoon or routs them (all my forces and crews were crack/extreme) 3rd scene: rpg crack/extreme misses abrams, distance: 10 meters ,abrams natually then exterminate half the platoon and i am not even bad player i duuno what to think edit:picture of russian failed ambush ,abrams was coming from that mini street to the right of my tank http://i.imgur.com/Fk8SYEJ.jpg
  7. ahhh damn.can we get at least children faces and perhaps sounds?
  8. i 'd love to see kids in combat mission bulge ,and kill them or send them to death i imagine, whole company of green/conscript/-2/unfit kids sent as suicide scouts in multiplayer games (cos they are cheap)
  9. as stagler said, multiplayer lobby, and i 'd add: functional,clean,intuitive,themed ,inviting,making games happen would give soul for it , and give 10 dollars on top of that just as a gift and all other features in v4 would make it even better
  10. forgot to edit, so i gota put this in new replay, we also play Wego, turn based real time (and pbem is not banned)
  11. when u were upgrading CMBN and FI with 3.0 upgrade, you did it with the same upgrade (same Key) or you bought 2 different v3 Keys? it should Remain the same
  12. whoever might be interested,we have a 32 slot hamachi network/lobby now ,where you can find opponents for real time, wego and maybe even pbem feel free to join if you intend to play 100-792-846 pw:eb
  13. fair enough, i might not agree with everything you said but i ll refrain from debating anything of this nature in the future,its just too draining and leads nowhere
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