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  1. =( no Gebirgsj├Ąger in QB still. makes me slightly sad. but overall happy to have a patch.
  2. its also something you can experience in base FI by setting your troop equipment in the editor to poor. it'll replace all those m1's with 1903a3's. still works with the US in R2V. though it doesn't replace the grenade launcher m1's.
  3. they are basically just US forces with 1903's and 1917s instead of garands. no armor, i think there is some US made armored cars? alot of the new countries have infantry only rosters.
  4. BF appears to have bug tested the game into oblivion, but i'm still just going to start collecting things. Gebirgjager infantry formation is missing in QBs (scouts an engineers are there for the gebirgs thou) Stug (lastest) appears in the manual but not the game StuH (lastest) also has same issue Flammpanzer III has incorrect number of crew (at least from my readings)
  5. I took am looking and cannot find them. I dont think they are in the module. we may have to wait for a unit pack
  6. so not this weekend... but very very soon. Monday madness?
  7. huh, weird question, but is there a reason the Stug G (lastest) isnt in R2V according to the BF site TO&E?
  8. comics with spelling errors? I've never done that, nope not ever /s good job, I dislike the blood smear or whatever is it overlaying the panels. its fine in the gutters, but the panels shouldn't be layered over like that IMO.
  9. So i have using the Crocodile in Normandy in some QB's lately and i have discovered that the flame thrower on vehicles is grouped into the "heavy weapons" category of targeting commands and kinda find this annoying. I feel like have both a flamethrower and cannon blasting a target at close range is a little over kill and wasteful of ammo on the cannon, this problem extends to the OT-34 (and E4-5) and ponder why BF might have felt vehicle based flamer throwers couldn't be used with Target light?
  10. my grin is from ear to ear, glad to have a bone to chew on for a bit.
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