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  1. I have been told its a known bug after I posted this, and is on the fixing list? also I think you misread platoon HQ for where the bug is, the company HQ.
  2. Fire and rubble: panzer brigade (a) company HQ has one 251/17 instead of two 251/3's, this also means the 2IC has to walk everywhere, don't know if thats a bug or just TO&E stupidity Stug III (latest) doesn't appear in the single vehicle selection.
  3. the names? sure, but I'm pretty sure most people would be upset if they got a eastern front title and didnt have access to the big heavy cats and late war soviet tanks. also if Normandy sells so well then is there a French forces quasi vehicle pack planned? it feels like its the only thing missing in that title.
  4. yeah please do point us to a link for this.
  5. this is what QB selection looks like for me in which the months they should appear, the Aufklarung battalion is available but not the bread and butter Gebrigsjager, do I have a bad install or something? please let me know because while I can build scenarios with them they are missing on this list. (doing a clean install now)
  6. sounds like we're a month out, sad but whatever. the Rome to Victory wait was worth it, (even if I'm still salty about no gebirgsjäger in QB) so I'm gonna be content just sitting around playing Italy for my CM fix.
  7. sounds like someone has discovered why ww1 was a meat grinder.
  8. I have just learned to wait one turn, but yeah its annoying. I remember reading a long time ago that this issue was fixed in Final Bliz? but my memory is fuzzy.
  9. I assumed it was dependent on the vehicles optics and the number of eyeballs in the vehicle. recon vehicles tend to be open topped which is a plus, maybe? but there are fewer guys inside to spot, and not all recon vehicles are open topped or have good optics. Tanks can have just as good optics, like later shermans. or abysmal ones like the early t34s, and the TC can pop his head out of a hatch with some binoculars just as a recon vehicle commander can. so unless BF gives recon crew bonus spotting skills under the hood I assume they are about the same, with one just being a cheaper piece of kit on the pixeltax payer.
  10. I'm not going to start getting excited until we have a manual drop, I've been through enough of CM releases to know the manual drops right before release.
  11. send an infantry Recon team ahead of the vehicle, use the recon vehicle as a base of firepower to extract the recon infantry if they encounter small arms fire. CM isnt a traditional RTS so recon vehicles have about the same spotting chance as a tank, they just get around the map faster and are cheaper. and because they are cheaper they make excellent ATG bait, better to lose a 120 pt car than a 250 pt tank
  12. not to take this off topic too much, but there is a pretty good Medieval mod for Atilla actually. not a remake of medieval, or medieval 2, but certainty strong enough to be worth checking out if you already have Atilla.
  13. yes, sadly and I'm kinda sick of seeing it. its the bob semple tank. the internets haha meme tank https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Semple_tank yes I am a grump edit: I too am excited to have some su100/jagdpanther shootouts
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