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  1. Will Bil H's Gridded Terrain Mod work in CMFB 4.0?
  2. One of the best accounts I have read regarding WWII infantry battalion operations is "The Clay Pigeons of St Lo" by COL Glover S Johns. It is a great read. Johns used his Pioneer platoon to build and secure a waterproof BN command post so he could fight his battalion without the rain screwing up the commo he needed to defend his rifle companies with artillery. If you are interested, the book is Kindleized.
  3. Chris, While playing the 2nd Training Mission, I noticed an irregularity with one of my rifle squads as they approached the "attack position. I had given them an assault command on the previous turn. At the end of that turn, I noticed they had not moved. Upon further investigation, I saw the rifles of all 12 men (in Green) shown in the unit display, but could only see 8 men on the field. On the next turn I sent the squad forward with a Quick Command, yet the floating icon stayed with the original location, and only 8 men responded to the Quick Command. I never could find the other 4
  4. Got it bought, downloaded, and. Activated. Used my iPad to complete the purchase and then dl from account to my PC.
  5. I did not Pre Order and am trying to buy CMFB for a PC (Download only). I can get to the page past Checkout and to the request for shipping info. When I select next, I get kicked back to the first page in store where all games are selections. I have tried numerous times and even tried to buy CMFI. Same problem. What am I doing wrong.
  6. I tried to buy the game. But cannot get past the Checkout page. When I tried the second time, my cart had two games. I changed it to one and hit checkout. Once again, I never got to the paypal page.
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