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  1. My new quest in life: to find a PaK 40, buy it, take it out to the range and fire it. Because it is awesome.
  2. I just posted a small update to CMMODS that adds the FG42 to this mod. It's only a single bitmap, so just drop it into your z folder or the textures folder of my mod. http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5142/details
  3. I haven't played this particular campaign, but iirc it came about way before the 2.0 upgrade. The 2.0 upgrade drastically overhauled machine guns to where they were much more lethal and suppressive compared to the 1.0 version of the game. If there are a lot of machine guns you're dealing with on the map, that may be a large contributing factor to making it unwinnable. MGs in 1.0 weren't that hard to deal with, in all honesty.
  4. While I don't fall into your plays the game a lot demographic, you know where to find me if you need someone to test your UI out .
  5. Here's another site. Has early war rank too: http://ordinarygaming.blogspot.com/2012/03/painting-wwii-soviet-infantry-part-1.html
  6. As if having the ability to rewind a turn ad infinitum isn't gamey enough. Not to mention all the shells get a huge tracer attached to them that let's you know where the shot is coming from. If you're that hung up on hit decals, then play in real time. You won't have time to inspect all those little details. Problem solved.
  7. Hey Hilts, I checked the alpha channel and there are no problems with it. Still not seeing that error on my end. The FJ share the same zeltbahn bmp with both the Wehrmacht and LW troops, so it still might be the Wehrmacht mod conflicting with it. Couple things you can try is to first add more z's at the beginning of the filename. Secondly, the uniform mod you're using may have a several different versions of the zeltbahn bmp, in which case my mod wouldn't work since it contains only one file. The way to fix that is to rezexplode my mod's brz and copy/paste two to three more versions of the zel
  8. Sweet, thanks for the heads up, John! Gonna have to check this out.
  9. That's because that uniform mod is for the 1.X version of the game, and you are most likely running 2.X. The 2.0 update totally changed the way uniforms were handled in the game. You'd have to rename all the files in the mod to the new standard to get it to work. A good rule of thumb when you're looking at uniform mods on the repository is to check the upload date. Anything before mid/late December 2012 will not work with 2.X.
  10. I have a request in regards to the beta AAR format. Could the participants please keep an up-to-date index of each turn in the OP, similar to what was done with the scenario making AAR? Having a link to each posted turn makes life a lot easier if you get behind in reading them; very annoying having to wade through pages of comments just to find the turn posts. Thanks.
  11. You're welcome guys, hope you're enjoying them. Erwin - Yes, that one can be deleted, since it's only for the 1.x version of the game. The mod that replaces that one is this.
  12. Ok, here are some additional tweaks. Consider them stocking stuffers for this Christmas : No SS Zeltbahn-1 (CMBN 2.X): Removes the shoulder height zeltbahn from the SS troops. CMBN 2.X Only No US Packs (CMBN 2.X): Removes the M1928 or M1936 packs from the US troops. Each pack has its own brz, so you can choose which one, or both, to delete. CMBN 2.X Only.
  13. Yep, it works on Luftwaffe troops as well. That's actually just the stock helmet cover texture, as I'm not running any helmet or uniform mods right now. The game should periodically select it when it loads a scenario. It doesn't appear all of the time, though.
  14. Thanks guys, glad you were able to get that issue sorted. Good catch. Checked the SS guys, and apparently it uses a different named model/texture; meaning it still appears. I'll put up an SS version this weekend. It works on all other formations, though. IIRC you did request that mod some time ago. It wasn't possible with CMBN 1.X, but is definitely doable with 2.X. I'll also upload a mod that gets rid of the GI's knapsack bookbag thing for you .
  15. Hey Erwin, unfortunately I'm not seeing this issue at all on my end. I took a look at the Germans in Platoon Patrol, as well as a couple other scenarios, and there weren't any issues with the no zeltbahn mod. It sounds like it may be conflicting with another mod. Try putting three or four z's in front of the filename so that it loads last. Anyone else run into this issue?
  16. The dude with the PU is the smart one. I love mine; built like a tractor, rugged as hell and accurate. Sweet pic, thanks for sharing.
  17. I've had these laying around my hard drive for a quite awhile, and I thought I would upload them. They're at CMMODS. No Zeltbahn-1 (CMBN 2.X): Removes the horizontal zeltbahn model, which appears at shoulder height on the German troops. All other zeltbahns will still appear in the game. CMBN 2.X only. Simple Red Cross: As the title says. Grass Tweak: Makes the distant ground texture identical to the map grass texture for a more seamless look. It also slightly changes the hue of both the distant ground and map grass texture. For use with stock terrain textures.
  18. Thanks, Bimmer. Enjoyed your Muddy Waters scenario, and am looking forward to taking this for a spin!
  19. These two texture issues are still present. Disappointing to say the least. P38 texture mapping: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1425811&postcount=23 MG34 & MG42 texture problems: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1425841&postcount=24
  20. It happened to me too. Such a POS licensing system.
  21. You actually don't need to create a whole new file for your mask. Open up the wheels bmp and hit CTRL+J. This will duplicate the background onto a new layer. On this new layer, convert it to grayscale, or desaturate it with SHIFT+CTRL+U, and hit CTRL+L to mess with the levels to get the desired effect you want. At this point, create your layer mask and proceed as before.
  22. First, here are the briefing templates for download: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1174 Second, use Photoshop or the Gimp to edit them.
  23. Well, paraphrasing Father Hubert, God had to take Stonewall home in order for the blue-bellies to win .
  24. Yes, my life is now complete, Juju. I will finally have a UI that matches this kitty. Moar Hello Kitty!
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