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  1. Wow thanks! I've spent maybe 2 days on and off trying all kinds of search terms but didn't spot a lot at all to work with. I was getting to a point in thinking I'd have to almost reinvent the wheel hehe. I have made 1 .btt scenario but realised details weren't quite right, such as compass direction and finer points like that but I think it should be polished up for anyone to try soon. The campaign I'd like to make will be semi historical, I think I need to work up to the accuracies of some of you guys but I'm loosely basing it on an article I read about how the 82nd Airborne, some of
  2. Can't thank you enough guys, really appreciate that!
  3. :confused: Hi, I'm trying to get into creating campaigns but would love to make them as good as what some of you guys have been doing. Could someone point me in the direction of the software people are using to create the briefing images, the tactical, strategic and operation artwork/maps please as I've looked high and low and seem to be really struggling with finding the best software to use. Also, I'd like to keep my icons on the images in keeping with what people are using. Thanks :confused:
  4. Thank you for replying guys! I'll give things a whirl later this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to finally post my first .btt file too.
  5. Hi, I'm still designing my first map, hoping to make a campaign eventually. Just wondering if anyone can give me a step by step on how to setup Naval support with US beach landings in the editor please (or point to a post) for things like bringing in firing immediately and whether naval units can be brought in to fire later as reinforcements without the use of a Forward Spotter etc, kinda after 10 minutes on their own. Thanks
  6. I think what's happened is, one of my tanks has gotten lucky, what with not being destroyed n'all, I think the main damage came from a Sherman. Wasn't long before I took the Panzer out with my remaining tanks, I move the mortar teams off minutes before then since they were taking machine gun fire from the Panzer. This optics tactic is something I wish I'd known ages ago and I'll keep the 80mm's in mind too
  7. Truth is I didn't check the size, I'll get back about that a little later. Edit: They're 3 60mm mortars and a MG.
  8. Yeah I agree. An update on my tactics is this...I used 3 mortar teams to lightly pepper the area (used 3 for speed and to try and save ammo on just one team) the Panzer was in and bingo, optics very damaged, so were its tracks and radio. I snuck my tanks in behind hedges then and it was just a case of waiting a minute or two until one of my Shermans found its mark to eventually knockout the Panzer. I also used an MG team on the Panzer too just to make sure hehe. So yeah, nice resolution there and thanks to everyone for the advice
  9. Wow thanks for all the thoughts on this! The ranges I'm at in this battle are quite long so I guess that's some reason for bad accuracy, still, the Panzer just took out three of my tanks over the same distance. It fired 3 times, hit 3 times and destroyed 3 tanks hehe. But, I'm going to try the optics idea by using mortars and heavy calibre machine guns fired onto the area of the Panzer since it's such a big distance to see if this works, I like the sound of the tactic! I'll report back over the next day or two to update my progress
  10. Mmm, I guess that'd explain things then. Yeah I'll buy that, thanks
  11. Sorry if this has been discussed before but I'm very new Is it the case in that the German tanks in-game are much more accurate in their attacks by their main weapon than Allied tanks? I've felt I've had to finally ask this here since my own tank was shooting at a German tank and it wiped out an entire row of its own infantry and after half a dozen shots, none were anywhere near the Panzer. Yet, shot 1 of the Panzer hit a US tank, shot 2 blew it up, shot 3 destroyed another tank and so did shot 4, none missed wildly like mine did. I've noticed this in all maps, battles and campaigns I'v
  12. I think there should be an option in-game to have these stats or not, a turn on/off command for those who just want to game and those who want a more real experience.
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