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  1. Oh, just get it already . Who knows how long you'll have to wait if you're waiting for the upgrade. The game more fun than a barrel of monkeys in its current state.
  2. These are awesome! Many thanks for working on these and sharing them with the rest of us (or rather, tanks a lot! ). The indie buildings look way more realistic now. Outstanding.
  3. If you're using any other terrain mods that mess with the tree files, make sure the translucent trees are loading AFTER those mods. Rename the file by putting zzzz before the filename. I'd be willing to bet this is why people can't get them to work. They work fine. They just have to be loaded last if using with other terrain mods.
  4. Yeah, you can do that. You can also just drop the folder in your z folder if you want. Either way works. Just make sure you don't have any other sound mods loading after it.
  5. lol, I just threw it up on CMMODS for everyone. Get it here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4737/details Lanzfeld - You can open rar files with winrar. If you still just want the brz, PM me.
  6. These look outstanding. Awesome job! Honestly, I wouldn't worry about how the upgrade will affect them at this point. That's most likely months into the future, and we haven't even been told when it might come out. Whether you release them now and revisit them after the upgrade or hold on to them until the upgrade and then release, you're still having to do update work either way. This is, of course, assuming that they're totally finished and release ready today. Also, not everyone will be purchasing the upgrade. Ultimately it's your call, but these are just some things to think about.
  7. I can't see why it wouldn't be. If the new normal maps in the update are handled the same way as the water normal map currently in CMBN, it's just a separate bmp file. As long as they don't change the actual texture map or filename, it should be good to go. Another little update. Here's what one of the new M1s will be looking like. Still very wip:
  8. Been awhile since I've done an update. Work is still progressing on this mod. In fact, there's only two weapons left to finish; the M1s and the Vickers MG. Here's a couple of quick screen grabs of some of the revised base game weapons. K98s with the correct style sling cutout on the left side of the stock, new buttplates courtesy of LukeFF and redone wear and tear. M1 carbines sans bayonet lugs.
  9. I felt the same way you did about Upham after I first saw the film. However, I've actually come to really appreciate him in subsequent viewings. Why? Upham makes us confront our own fear and weakness. We all would like to think we would be the brave hero and come to the aid of our buddies come hell or high water, but, put in Upham's situation, how can we really know if we would for sure? It's easy to say that you would, but actions can be harder than words. Upham is actually one of the reasons why I think SPR is a great war film, and I think his character was a thoughtful inclusion by Spielber
  10. I'm almost done with this one in PBEM, and I'll post some feedback when it's finished.
  11. No, just the trees since the original request had to do with wanting to be able to see units through them but still have a hint of the tree canopy whithout resorting to Alt+T (trunks only/no trees).
  12. Hey GaJ! I saw your request, but haven't had chance to get around to it until tonight. I added in the far trees, and I also added a more translucent version in addition to the original. You can now choose between 5% or 10% opacity close/far trees, or mix the different opacities. The close and far trees for each opacity level are their own seperate brzs. It's available for immediate download at CMMODS here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4730/details and will be on the repository whenever it gets approved. Enjoy!
  13. I gave Sam Houston's ghost the slip, but the gators almost got me . I thought about how I wanted to release them awhile ago, and decided to release them all at once. I decided on this route because I wanted anyone who downloaded it to get everything in one go, instead of having to go around and find different packs. Think of it as a weapons pack for the CMBN family of games. Sorry to disappoint, but I think it will be worth it in the end!
  14. I believe both of the things y'all are talking about are hard coded into the game and can't be changed via texture edits.
  15. Just uploaded it to cmmods and the repository. Link to cmmods: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4708/details It's pretty easy to do. If you open up one of the leaves bmps, there's a channel included called an alpha channel (you can find it under the channels tab in Photoshop). This controls the opacity of a texture or parts of a texture. Black is transparent and white is opaque. Shades of gray control different levels of opacity. I just selected all the white areas of the alpha channel and painted them 90% black. This makes the game display the leaves as translucent. PM if you want a step
  16. Yes, I'm still working on them. The project has turned into much more than just the CW stuff. I'm going back and overhauling everything I did previously, as well as adding some stuff in I didn't do the last go around. Progress is slow due to being busy with real life stuff, and I tend to mod in small chunks of time here and there. It prevents burn out that way. It's also summer, and I live 45 minutes from the beach . These will be released, don't worry.
  17. Something like this? The leaves are at 10% opacity. Troops through trees: Can you spot the Sherman? Top View
  18. Looks like I better start saving some pennies. CMSF2 and the MG module + Upgrade for CMBN are definitely on my must buy list. Hopefully there will be a PLA module for CMSF2. That would be awesome.
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